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Methods to increase online agency sales with e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods you can use to introduce your online travel agency to more people and increase your sales. The e-mails you send to your customers or Internet users who have visited your online agency previously can help you both increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

You can inform users about your agency, industry or campaigns by creating e-newsletters that are in line with e-mail marketing. What should you consider when preparing an e-newsletter and performing e-mail marketing activities?

Permission marketing

You need to send your e-newsletters only to those who share their e-mail addresses willingly. To do so, you can invite users to sign up for an e-newsletter on your website or social media accounts by sharing their e-mail addresses. It is also part of the e-mail marketing ethics not to disclose these addresses collected in your database to other people or businesses. You should also inform users about this.

E-newsletters must be in accordance with the agency’s corporate identity

The design and content of your e-newsletters should be in line with your online travel agency’s corporate identity, which is quite important. It might be useful for enhancing your brand image to use the colors and designs featured on your website in your bulletins along with your logo.


Research shows that companies are increasingly caring more about e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing in 2013 is said to have increased by 17 percent year-on-year. This means that more companies are sending more e-mails to users. Therefore, your e-mails should be easily read and able to draw the attention of users. Effective use of titles, addressing users with their names and avoiding complex expressions may help attract your recipients to your e-newsletters.

Mobile compatibility

Due to increase in the use of mobile devices, e-mails are checked increasingly more through mobile devices. Research shows that more than a half of users read e-mails through mobile devices. Therefore, it is crucial for your e-mails to be mobile-compatible.

Complying with spam rules

If e-mails are stuck in the spam filters before accessing users, the impact of your e-mail marketing can decrease. Research shows that every one of 6 e-mails sent to users are filtered in the spam box. Therefore, it is better to avoid words like “free, guaranteed, 100 percent”, which are filtered in spam box of e-mail servers.

Taking advantage of e-mail marketing is an effective method to promote your online agency. Considering that people who have shared their e-mail addresses willingly are among your target audiences, e-mail marketing can be said to be aimed directly at your target audience. You can increase the sales of your online agency through e-mail marketing by taking advantage of the tips we have shared. If you also want to access your customers through digital marketing channels, you can create a free-of-charge HotelRunner account and benefit from HotelRunner‘s professional support.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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