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Methods to increase your agency’s sales with Instagram

Social networks like Instagram have become more compelling on social media where sharing photos have become more popular. Instagram, which actually has a history of only 4 years, has about 200 million users.

This potential of Instagram brings various advantages for companies using this platform for marketing purposes. 23 percent of companies listed in Fortune 500 are known to have a special posting strategy for Instagram. In industries where visuality has a direct impact on sales, Instagram contributes greatly to the digital marketing activities of businesses. How can you take the advantage of Instagram to increase your online agency’s sales?

Being informative

It is not enough to share the images that already exist on your website if you want to manage an effective marketing strategy on Instagram. It is highly critical to create informative content that will lead your customers to sales, based on their needs. These might include graphics with useful information as well as videos about your campaigns.

Strategic sharing

There is a general rule for all your social media contents: creating your posts based on a strategy of successive posts that complement each other. It is crucial to have a content strategy for Instagram too. Therefore, you had better plan what to share next when sharing any image. You may associate your social media posts with chess. If you plan your moves in a successive order before making them, it will be an effective strategy.

Accessing your customers

Accessing and influencing your potential customers with Instagram is a lot easier than other social networks. Visual posts are a rising social media trend, which will be your biggest support in this. Instagram makes things easier for you with some filters to increase this effect. It helps you increase the engagement of your photos by 60 percent through its filtering options. The filters used and attracted the most by users include the following: Mayfair, Inkwell, Walden, Amaro, Lo-Fi, Valencia, Hefe, Hudson, X-Pro.

Use of hashtags

When it comes to Instagram, the first thing that should come to your mind is hashtags. Users can see all posts by clicking on a hashtag you created for an Instagram campaign. You may use them also to boost your agency’s recognition. Using hashtags to be identified with your online agency can contribute to your social media marketing.

You may consider hashtags as keywords you use on Instagram. Therefore, one of the most important points of your Instagram strategy is to create hashtags, which are consistent with the content you post and which you think will be interesting for users.

You may use images that have become the rising trend of social media with Instagram to foster your marketing activities. This way, you can increase both your brand recognition and revenue. HotelRunner helps you manage all sales and marketing channels for your agency. Create your free account now and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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