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Methods to increase your sales by utilizing metasearch even more

Metasearch is the general term for the sites aggregating a number of search results and choosing the most suitable one among them for users. Metasearch sites which have a major role in the tourism industry function more like the way agencies do.

Commonly known as the metasearch OTAs, these sites can access a large number of users, so they can reach the target groups of properties easily despite not being engaged in large-scale marketing efforts. Users can get the best alternatives in the most rapid way thanks to metasearch OTAs among which sites like TripAdvisor and Kayak are the best-known.

Here are the basic features and things to note about metasearch OTAs as a primary channel especially for properties that do not have large budgets for marketing.

How they work

The function of metasearch sites is based on providing the “best” option for users. Say you are registered at different online travel agencies and your room price is 100 TL in property A and 101 TL in property B. The system will automatically show the price for property A to users whose search criterion is price. Therefore, you better note this important feature when determining your prices.

Diversifying the alternatives

Although we have given only TripAdvisor and Kayak as examples for the most popular metasearch OTAs, there are a wide range of alternatives in this field. Considering that there are slight changes in the algorithms of each, you can presume that some will bring more visibility, while some others will bring less. Therefore, you better focus on multiple sites when increasing your alternatives. Providing the opportunity for managing all online sales channels through one panel, HotelRunner will be your biggest supporter in this.

Fierce competition

Apart from focusing on your recognition, you should also note that your competitors can also do the same things. Another important result of metasearch OTAs is that they make the competition more intense. In addition to the properties around you, you will need to compete with many properties having similar features as you on the Internet, which will make prices more variable.

If used properly, the conditions of this competition might work well for you. However, you will need to manage multiple channels through a single panel and make changes instantly when necessary. Luckily, HotelRunner is there for you. Create your account now and start benefiting from metasearch OTAs and earning with HotelRunner immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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