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Methods to turn competition into advantage in the tourism industry

Tourism is among the industries focusing on providing perfect services almost in all aspects. Every business in this industry focuses unconditionally on customer satisfaction without overlooking the slightest detail. In addition to all these details, the competition in tourism is also among the issues to handle.

The current development of the Internet increases competition in the tourism industry. In social media platforms, customers can access any information instantly, evaluate different alternatives as well as share their complaints and problems in real time. Digital channels require properties to be active in digital marketing. Opportunities offered by the digital world may increase competition, yet it helps you to examine your rivals carefully. You can easily learn who they are, what they do, their projects and campaigns.

Considering that your website’s main page is the first door greeting your guests at your property, the whole competition issue begins here. How can you turn competition into advantage? Here are some points you should consider about competition in tourism.

Do not take the point that others have reached as your starting point

When you first put your business into operation in all aspects – from its website to overall service -, do not compare it to other properties that have been doing this long before. This is among the most common mistakes of businesses that are the new members of the digital realm.

However, you may go beyond them in time by trusting the first steps taken.

Do not think that you are being imitated

You may think that hotels have similar websites. As the service description is similar, other similarities are also inevitable. Since all properties have to introduce themselves in some way in the digital world, you should plan differences rather than making comparisons and focusing on similarities. These similarities may actually help you make a difference by coming up with more quality content and offering better services.

Do not let others’ achievements overshadow you

Most of the time, failures are understood through comparison wih others’ achievements. This is felt mostly when someone else raises the bar with an accomplishment no matter how successful you are. Although it is not easy to avoid comparing your property with others, you may also create and share your own success story.

Following the path opened by your rivals

Looking into the achievements of your rivals can benefit you a lot when you are inspired by them. You may examine properties that initiated a useful service before you. You can even reap better results by surpassing their achievements. You may get inspired in many points like customer policies, website content, business strategies. At this point, you should avoid imitating and rather take others’ achievements as example and improve them with your own experiences.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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