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Mobile devices open the gateway to more last minute bookings

Last minute bookings have become more critical than ever. As people change their habits and the new, hyper-connected generation is becoming financially independent, early hotel bookings are almost on their way out.

Our time is an era where people are more likely to make instant decisions, and last minute bookings are more commonplace in the accommodation industry. This is such a critical fact that nobody engaged in hotel management can disregard it easily.

According to research, mobile devices have a key role in last minute bookings. Here are some of the things you need to know if you intend to increase your occupancy rate as well as your profitability…

Instant decisions

According to a research that involves analyzing data obtained from millions of mobile users on, a considerable part of last minute bookings are performed through mobile devices which makes it easier to decide where to stay at within seconds. The research states that 60 per cent of those who book hotels through mobile devices do their check-in on the same day as reservation. 68 per cent do their check-in on the same date or the next day.

Shorter accommodation periods

These instant decisions mostly result in shorter accommodation periods. 70 per cent of bookings made through mobile devices are for overnight stays. Those who use mobile devices for 2-day or longer stays are 89 per cent.

Economic alternatives are more popular

Many guests who book through mobile devices consider the economic alternatives, which means that last-minute bookings bear even more importance especially for 2 or 3 star properties. 42 per cent of all bookings on mobile devices are for 2-star hotels.

Differences between tablet users and smart phone users

All the above mentioned rates definitely have to do with the average of bookings via both smart phones and tablets. When we consider tablets and smart phones separately, it is evident that iPad users differ both from iPhone users and Android phone users.

For instance, 56 per cent of iPad users book hotels 3 days before their arrival or even earlier than that, while this rate is 28 per cent for iPhone users and 21 per cent for Android users.

18 per cent of iPad users book for 3-day or longer stays on their mobile device, while this rate is 18 per cent for iPhone users and 9 per cent for Android users.

When it comes to booking 3-star or higher class hotels through mobile devices, iPad is the leading device with a rate of 71 per cent. This rate is 59 per cent for iPhone users and 45 per cent for Android users.

You need to be able to access users both through the Internet and mobile devices if you intend to receive more last-minute bookings. If your property’s website is not compatible with mobile devices, that means you are giving away a large part of the last-minute bookings to your competition. Create your HotelRunner account now to make your website mobile-compatible and capable of receiving mobile bookings, therefore effortlessly enable mobile customers to increase your sales.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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