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Practical and cost-effective marketing ideas for your property

Marketing plays a key role in the success of your property. And communicating a message across larger audiences to promote a property usually requires high-budget campaigns.

However, marketing shouldn’t have to be performed only with high budgets. Especially in this era, when the Internet has become so widespread, one does not have to allocate very high budgets as before. You can always resort to cost-effective marketing options by listening to your guests’ comments, incorporating them into your marketing activities or through various online channels that don’t belong to you.

What can be the practical and low-cost marketing activities that can be effective for your property?  Here are some practical ideas for you.


It is critical to build a striking, ‘user-friendly’ and practical website that is designed consciously and reflects your property’s aesthetic features. You should also make sure that your property’s website features original content with well-written articles that can be useful to the audience you want to access. While creating your website, you should ensure that it will increase your SEO performance and offer an integrated experience for users.

Also, you can integrate your website with social media and share the e-mails, questions and comments with your website’s visitors. If you are a HotelRunner user, it means that you can have all these beneficial features easily without needing any technical knowledge.

Social media

Social media platforms enable your potential guests who don’t know your property to discover it, while they also don’t require any extra investments in technology.  Therefore, you should not only be present on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, etc., but you should also constantly interact with your potential and existing guests by building dialogues and relationships actively and dynamically.

You should always be up-to-date with newly-posted content on your social media profiles and review sites, be aware of all messages about your property and quickly respond to them when necessary, which is critical for your reputation on social media. You better check what HotelRunner can offer you to build and enhance your property’s presence on social media.

Travel networks

Travel networks make it possible to access potential guests who haven’t heard of your property, as such networks can reach a larger audience. Therefore, you can strike a deal with travel networks so that you accommodate travel representatives in your property at no charge in return for their inclusion of your property into their travel and vacation packages. You can work with travel agencies working with large companies by offering them lower prices than their large corporate customers do.

Gifts and awards

You can put out efforts into encouraging your guests to develop loyalty to your property. For instance, you can develop a loyalty program by which you reward your guests who exceed a certain score with gifts selected from the catalog you prepare. Or, let’s say, the 5th stay for your guests that stayed in your property for 4 times can be free-of-charge.

Marketing provides dynamic and proactive solutions for your problems by adapting to any kind of innovation and technology. Therefore, you should first identify your property’s marketing challenges accurately and determine your objectives and strategies accordingly. With its reliable and experienced team, HotelRunner provides you with tailored solutions for all your problems in every stage of your marketing processes. Create your free-of-charge account now and start earning immediately by resolving all kinds of your marketing problems.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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