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Priceline launches the “sponsored listing” feature, similar to TripConnect

Online sales channels of properties are becoming richer. Although direct sales via their websites are more profitable for properties, it still matters today that online travel agencies provide the opportunity to access millions of potential guests around the world. The websites that provide the guests with online booking options for various properties are continuing to evolve by adapting themselves to today’s requirements and diversifying their services. The TripConnect feature of TripAdvisor, which we previously shared with you, is a significant development within this context. Priceline, which is another major website for online hotel booking, has also introduced its sponsored listing feature as an alternative to TripConnect. Let’s have a look what this development means for you then.

How does it work?

This new feature of Priceline basically allows all kinds of properties to show ads during user purchases. Properties can communicate their messages to guests at the exact purchase time. The sponsored listing feature works in the same way as an auction, with properties able to determine the exact amount they will pay for each advertisement. Therefore, it becomes possible for them to calculate the advertising costs for each room. Priceline also gives the opportunity to measure performances of advertising campaigns instantly by delivering real time statistics. Furthermore, this system allows properties to filter the users whom the ads will be shown to. For example, when potential guests are searching online about the area where a certain property is located, that property will be able to determine who will see the ads by setting the filters for demographic details or accommodation dates and periods.

What does it mean for you?

When searching on the Internet, the majority of guests prefer the hotels listed in the top results, which means that properties that are not featured in the top results will lose their chance with sales. You might not be able to rank the first in organic searches; however, sponsored listing allows you to be included in the top results and increase your sales within the range of a budget you determine for yourself. Both of TripConnect and Priceline sponsored listing features are beneficial options for properties to include them in their advertising budget. If your previous experiences with these websites have not met your sales expectations, you can use these options to change the outcome for the better. Increasing the number of your sales channels is definitely the best option to increase your sales. HotelRunner provides you not only the option of direct online booking, but also the opportunity to integrate with more than 50 online booking channels in a practical way, thus it facilitates your activities and helps you increase your sales. Create your account for free now and immediately start to earn with HotelRunner.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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