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Reaping effective results with Facebook targeted ads

You have prepared a web page for your property and can’t wait to meet your target audience. However, the season has already come and you want to reap the fruits of your investments as soon as possible. In such cases, the best thing you can do is to place ads. A network like Facebook addressing millions of users can work really well for you. Facebook ads give you the chance to determine the target audience in detail. Do you know how to use this power in the most effective way when promoting your property?

The audience page is among the most significant on Facebook’s advertising screen which is divided into different sections. Narrowing your target audience as much as possible will help you access only the users you want to address, while contributing to you in using your budget in a more economic manner. Hints on Facebook advertising audience options can be found in our article.

Location features

In this section, you can identify a total of over 60 countries on the basis of cities for your ads. You can think of arranging this section based on the countries where you accept the highest number of guests from. Creating individual pages for ads in different languages and using local audience options can help you obtain more efficiency from your ad. Tapping into local audiences, you can ensure that your ad is viewed only by users in a specific area based on the region your ad is placed in. The most important point to note for location is to not over-expand your target audience for placing ads.

User profile

In Facebook ads, you have the option to determine features for users to view your ads in detail. It is possible to make different choices starting from their age, gender and educational status to their interests and even their relationship status. Then you can determine the best approach for your property by evaluating your ad to learn if it is suitable for the previous customer profile of your property or potential guests. By using audience exceptions, you can also hide your ad from a specific target group like existing customers, if you’d like to do so.


Facebook helps you to determine a more specific target group with its extensive user interests’ database. Let’s say that you are a property mostly preferred by young guests who like discovering local cultures and who are fond of nature. At this point, you can choose keywords like “nature sports”, “trekking” or “historical places” when determining their interests. This way, your ad will prove successful in terms of accessing a more specific group compared to broader keywords like “accommodation” or “holiday”.


By utilizing advanced connections, you can enable your ads to be viewed by people who are already connected to your property on Facebook and via their friends. Connections can consist of people who took part in an event organized by you or people who have used your application within the last 30 days. This way, you can access potential guests more easily. You can use advanced connections to detail audience exceptions as we have mentioned before.

When editing your audience settings for Facebook ads, you will see a figure showing the estimated number of people whom your ad accesses on the right corner of the page. As the campaigns are charged based on the size of this audience, you better narrow the target audience as much as possible for cost efficiency.

Lastly, The budget you will allocate for the infrastructure of your website is at least as critical as the budget you will allocate for the ads. You can prefer HotelRunner both to save time in areas like POS, mobile-compatibility, etc. and to have professional service accompanied by budget-friendly options. Therefore, you can start receiving online bookings through your website in a short time with lower costs. Join us to take the advantage of the HotelRunner services.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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