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Right timing of e-bulletin mails for more online sales

For accommodation industry, digital marketing is currently one of the most significant tools to have more of direct online reservations obtained independently from travel agencies and OTAs. Every component of digital marketing is crucial when it is considered as a whole, yet statistics show that e-mail marketing studies have the possibility of resulting in online reservations most.

A short while ago we shared with you the essential points related to e-mail marketing, which is critical for all hotels. One of the issues covered in that post was about e-mcompleailing times.

Now, we will elaborate on this issue we briefly mentioned in the past, and e-mail marketing matters so much that the achievement of all your respective efforts depends on it. Let us analyze this in detail and help you increase open rates of your e-mails, enabling them to result in sales.

The first one-hour period is crucial

The best results from e-mails are obtained within the first one hour after sending them. 23 per cent of e-mails are opened within an hour after they are sent. This percentage decreases by 90 per cent within the following 5 hours. This rate corresponds only to 0,63 per cent after 24 hours pass.

Unless you arrange your e-mailing time properly and send them during the periods when users are active, your e-mails might well be overlooked.

Let’s check each of the periods now and try to find the most proper one among them.

E-mails sent between 00:00 and 06:00 am

According to statistics, small hours are the least efficient hours for e-mail marketing attempts. As most of the users are asleep during that time, your e-mails cannot be opened within an hour and probably remain overlooked. Statistics show that open rate of small hour e-mails is 6,3 per cent and click rate corresponds to 2,2 per cent.

E-mails sent between 06:00 am and 12:00 pm

When you check the total of e-mails sent for marketing purposes, you can see that most of them are sent between 6:00 am and 12:00 pm. This is because many are well aware that the first thing people do in the morning is check their e-mails. However, there is one factor that those many seem to forget: everyone does the same thing and that such e-mails might well be overlooked as there are many of them. Open rate for e-mails sent in the morning is 7 per cent, while click rate is 1,5 per cent, which makes both not high quite high rates.

E-mails sent between 12:00 pm and 06:00 pm

As less e-mails access users with the decrease of e-mails sent in the morning, the possibility for your e-bulletins to be opened and clicked increases. Research shows that open rate of e-mails sent between these hours can be up to 10,6 per cent, while click rate is 2,2 per cent. If you send them between 3.00 pm and 4:00 pm, you can increase both.

E-mails sent between 06:00 pm and 12:00 am

E-mails sent during rush hour might access the users who check their e-mails when they get home. Statistics show that this period is the second best one for e-mail marketing. Open rate of e-mails between these hours is 8,3 per cent and click rate is 2,3 per cent. You will have more chance if you access users especially at around 08:00 pm.

Note that properties targeting international markets have to arrange such timing in accordance with local time zones. E-mail marketing is an essential tool and should be included in all of your digital marketing activities. Therefore, you definitely need an infrastructure like HotelRunner has, which is designed by a team specialized in accommodation industry, if you would like to see your efforts resulting in sales.  Create an account for free and see the distinction.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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