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Seven tips for online video marketing

More and more people watch and share videos on the Internet. This means a lot not only for musicians like Psy but also for hotel runners who wish to promote their hotels. Videos, as a marketing tool, are considered to have a potentially higher effect compared with all other alternatives.

Either share it on your website or on YouTube, the largest video site of the world, or on Facebook, which has more than 1 billion active users, your videos have the potential to be your most powerful marketing tool.

Well, what should you take into account while preparing a video you plan to share on the Internet for marketing purposes? How can we ensure that our videos achieve the targeted results? HotelRunner has compiled some important details hotels need to take into account for online video marketing…

1- Lay the groundwork for your activities properly

Lay the groundwork for your video properly before shooting. Decide on the locations you will use and make sure they are just the way you want at the time of shooting. Inform your team, and describe the tasks before you start. If you have guests in the hotel, inform your guests of your work.

2- Use ordinary people if possible

Prefer to shoot ordinary people instead of professionals. The use of ordinary people will make your video look more natural and therefore add sincerity. The personnel in your team might be in the video if they volunteer. That’s how you can present a more realistic idea to the viewer. Volunteering guests can also be helpful for you to shoot a realistic and sympathetic video.

3- Make sure it is fun and creative

The videos that most appeal to the users on the Internet are those which are fun and extraordinary. Instead of a standard introductory film, a fun video with creative ideas will have a higher effect.

4- Keep it short and simple

On the Internet, users like short videos more. If the duration of a video is more than 5 minutes, the number of views could drop visibly. Also limit the number of messages you wish to convey through a video and do not try to express yourself at length. Videos with a simple message that do not tire people will be remembered more.

5- Make sure it is worth sharing

Videos in the shape of virtual tours, which contain panoramic views from every corner of your hotel, may be impressive. However, and to be honest, it is not those kinds of videos people like and share. The number of shares will be higher if your videos are informative, interesting and fun. And do not forget to encourage your guests to share your videos.

6- You share it first

Once your video is ready, start spreading it as much as possible. Share your video on your website, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, with cleverly-chosen keywords, hashtags and interesting (but short) explanations. If you cannot start spreading your video first, it is likely that your videos will be missed out.

7- Follow comments and shares

Try to measure how many people watched your videos after you are done with sharing. That’s how you can also track which videos bring better results. Closely follow up the comments under your videos as well, and do not hesitate to engage in the conversation when appropriate.

Contact HotelRunner advisors if you wish to have a video of your complex. Sign up for HotelRunner and start increasing your sales to be able use different online marketing channels in the most practical and effective way!

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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