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Social media optimization for your online agency

Digital marketing provides companies with many options such as social media, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and mobile marketing. Which tool to use and which strategy to follow are still unclear for many companies. Many businesses have consensus on the fact that social media is quite effective in terms of marketing. However, there are still uncertainties about social media.

For instance, different platforms engaged in social media marketing are important for companies to access customers through different channels. However, it is another matter of concern to understand which platforms are more effective for accessing your target audience and optimizing content you share on those social media platforms. As HotelRunner, we have compiled some tips to help you use your online agency’s social media accounts more effectively.

How many different social media channels should be used?

Being present on social media platforms can provide various advantages such as directing traffic to your online agency’s website, building customer loyalty and increasing sales. Internet users should encounter information about a company 3 or 4 times to consider that information reliable, a study from Software Advice suggests, which underlines how significant it is to send your message to your potential customers through multiple channels by being present on more than one social network.

Studies show that:

23 percent of companies using social media are active and present on 3 channels,
25 percent are active and present on 4 channels,
16 percent are active and present on 5 channels,
10 percent are active and present on 6 channels
3 percent are active and present on 11 or more different social media sites.

You should know which social network will be more useful when being present on social media platforms. Here are some factors that will help you while making this decision.

The frequency of posting content

Being present on social media platforms requires being visible by sharing original content. Therefore, it is critical to post regularly on social media networks. Studies show that 70 percent of companies post content at least once a day on their social media accounts. Also, 41 percent of companies plan their content posts on a weekly basis. The rate of those posting content on a daily basis is 15 percent.

What is the most effective tool for social media optimization?

Studies show that the most effective tools and methods used by companies for social media optimization are as the following:

Visual content: 50 percent
Hashtag use: 35 percent
Call-to-action: 27 percent
Optimizing the image size: 23 percent
Use of videos: 20 percent

Social media is one of the most effective digital marketing tools you can use to direct quality traffic to your online agency’s website. You can also become present on social media in an integrated way with your online agency and increase your sales. You can manage all the sales and marketing channels of your online agency with HotelRunner. Create your free account now and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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