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Social media suggestions for online travel agencies

Visitor comments and preferences in various sites now matter for Internet users planning their travel. Social media comments are valuable sources of information for users wanting to obtain information about the property they will stay at or the airline they will travel with.

Therefore, social media is a crucial marketing channel for online travel agencies. Regarding their user potential, social media platforms can help online agencies to access potential customers. As HotelRunner, we have compiled the points where online agencies can benefit from social media effectively.

Interaction with customers

Social media platforms make it possible for travel agencies to connect with their customers. Thanks to social media, it is now very easy to initiate conversations and interact with them through posts about your brand. Just a small comment by a customer of yours can actually give you the chance to post information about your brand’s new campaigns and updates. This way, you can both improve your agency’s customer relations and carry out social media marketing activities by interacting with your customers.

Encouraging your customers to tell their own stories

You can encourage your followers to mention the traveling experience they’ve had through your agency especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where users are more active. You can help users share their own content by creating campaigns on a platform of your preference.

Taking advantage of Facebook’s potential

Facebook, which is one of the social networks that is used the most in online marketing, is a huge platform with over a billion users. Facebook provides you with opportunities to access your target group with custom targeting options through age and gender filters. This way, you can ensure that your posts and ads about your agency are viewed only by people with demographics you specified among your followers or those that do not follow you.

Suggestions that will help you connect with your followers

There are several ways for online travel agencies to connect with their customers on social media. One of them is to allow users to post via interesting hashtags created through Twitter and Instagram. While creating these campaigns, you should make a choice between the subjects your potential customers are interested in and those that can be related to your agency, using tools like Google Analytics.

Building your social media strategy in accordance with general marketing goals

If you build your social media campaigns in parallel with your online agency’s general marketing goals, you will reap better fruits from your social media marketing efforts.  For instance, it would benefit you to share posts that will increase your likes, comments and retweets on social networks if you aim to build a relationship with users. If you want to increase your sales, you should share posts that will increase your website traffic.

You can promote your online agency in the digital world, enhance your brand and increase your sales by using social networks effectively and properly. You can manage all your sales channels including social networks in the most effective and proper way with the help of the professional infrastructural support offered by HotelRunner. If you aim to gain new customers for your agency and make online sales, create your HotelRunner account immediately and start accepting bookings now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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