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Social media vs. SEO for hotel marketing

Marketing and promotion mean a lot for accommodation industry. While Internet offers numberless opportunities for professionals, its immense range of options may sometimes confuse those who do not have comprehensive knowledge about it.


One of the confusions HotelRunner observes and tries to clarify is whether social media marketing or search engine optimization work more efficiently for hotel marketing.

If you follow HotelRunner’s blog regularly, you’ll remember we have touched upon both social media marketing and SEO. We have shared hints about search engine optimization and social media.

Now, we will compare and analyze these two precious marketing methods and describe their pros and cons…

Let us emphasize that both marketing methods act as influential tools when used in line with clever targets. They bring with them advantages and disadvantages but they have the potential to work wonders for hotel marketing activities.

Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Pros and cons of search engine optimization

Some pros:

+ Opportunity to achieve online traffic properly targeted before

+ Once you manage to run proper search engine optimization, traffic flow will continue for a long period of time

+ Determination of various targets thanks to key words as many as you wish.

Some cons:

–  Feedback of SEO studies is not quickly provided. Most of the time, it may take 6 months.

– It requires regular preparation of a lot of content.

– Especially if you’re not experienced enough, estimating the scale of SEO results may not be quite easy.

Pros and cons of social media marketing

Some pros:

+ You quickly receive feedback. It is possible to ensure traffic just after posting.

+ It does not require technical knowledge. Therefore it is easier to get started with social media marketing than SEO.

+ Easy to receive feedback by sharing less content and spending less time.

Some cons:

– Requires frequent updates as social media posts would rapidly fall under newer, more up-to-date posts even if content does not need to be detailed.

– Traffic may be targeted at a lower level than that of SEO’s.

– The effect of each post will not be the same. Thus, your traffic on social media will not always be stable. It would fluctuate depending on the quality of content you share. This makes it difficult to use social media as the only marketing tool.


In conclusion, using both as constituents of a holistic marketing strategy would be a clever idea. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, one fulfills the insufficiencies of the other, maximizing the performance when used together.

Practically, SEO’s effect on direct room sales is generally higher. And social media is more effective when it comes to increasing the amount of repeat sales.

Aware of this delicate balance between these marketing channels, HotelRunner offers you tools for social media marketing, search engine optimization and many more. Join HotelRunner family, benefit from all its features and start managing your hotel in the most practical way possible.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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