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Storytellers are the wizards of digital marketing

In our era, marketing has become almost completely an emotional way of communication. It used to be fine when you just focused on your target group’s needs to deliver your message. But now things have changed. The product that you market has to impact your target audience at an emotional level. Emotional aspects have become even more important especially while promoting a holiday.

The most effective way to address emotions in marketing is storytelling. Once you deliver your message with storytelling, you create an environment where your target audience can identify themselves with your stories and find similarities in their life.

How can you use storytelling when promoting your property? Here are some tips selected by HotelRunner.

Your imagination is your best friend

The first thing you should do is to use your imagination when delivering your message to potential guests via storytelling. If you don’t know where to begin from, empathize with them and try to find out what the best story for them can be. Second, you should plan how you will link this story to your property’s marketing.

Begin with an impressive introduction

The beginning part is the most important part of communication. You only have a few seconds to impress your target audience and catch his/her attention. It is crucial to use these precious seconds in the best way. Therefore, the more impressive your story-content message is, the easier it becomes to attract consumers attention.

At this point, you can consider making use of images. You may film a “welcome” video in which you can include your staff members as well. This will be effective and create a warm impression.

Come up with different stories for your property

You might come up with a single story for your property or create a different story for each section individually. For instance, the romantic sections in your property might be the best sections for storytelling and emotional responses. Or you may create a story for the balls, wedding ceremonies, celebrations or similar events in the large dining hall in your property, this way you can create a memorabilia.

Include your guests in the story

Your potential guests are undoubtedly people who have stayed in your property before. You may share warm videos containing your chats and interviews with your guests. Furthermore, your guests that voluntarily take part in these videos will enjoy sharing them on social media, which will contribute to your marketing.

Storytelling will improve your brand recognition and increase your sales. HotelRunner will guide you in this as well as providing all features from marketing to direct online sales, . Create your free-of-charge account now and see how HotelRunner can help you yourself.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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