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Take advantage of images for the online promotion of your agency

Marketing experts have been taking advantage of images for a long time. The varieties of sharing images and their effects have increased since the Internet evolved. Besides, people posting charming images do not merely consist of advertisers. İnternet users also share the photos and images they like with their friends and indirectly contribute to the promotion of organizations.

Research shows that the photo sharing rates for users will keep increasing on the Internet until 2015. Pinterest and Instagram are the most preferred photo sharing platforms users prefer apart from Facebook and Twitter.

Do you know the effect of images you use for promotional and sales activities of your property?

The importance of images in social media

Images on your website or your social network accounts will create the first impression about you in the eye of many users discovering your property for the first time. The effect of images are  pretty strong especially when it comes to social media. Data shows that images provide 5 times more interaction than posts with plain texts do. Therefore, you better take including images into account and come up with a substantial plan when creating your strategy.

The combined effect of social media and images

Having high interaction with users as an e-marketing channel, social media can affect traveling and booking decisions. Traditional marketing tools are insufficient in the competition as users can only communicate one-sidedly. Users do some research before making their decision, find out the opinions of their friends and read comments on social media. The effect of images is of priority at this point. Videos shorter than a minute might make it easier for you in drawing the attention of your potential customers.

The effect of images on sales

The strong effect of images can actually be observed in the trends on social media as well. The significant examples include the increasing popularity of Pinterest and its number of members and the changes on Facebook featuring bigger images each time.

This increasing habit on social media causes overall user expectations to change. Users getting used to larger and a great number of images expect the websites to adopt the same approach, so they make evaluations based on this.

It is critical especially for agencies aiming at online sales to include a large number of images and photo galleries too. The award-winning HotelRunner platform is designed by considering such needs and other similar needs in a way that allows your agency’s online presence to meet customer expectations. If you also aim to make online sales through accessing next-gen customers, you can create your HotelRunner account now and start earning immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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