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Technological services and the technology that will increase your property’s sales

Properties that do not invest in technology fall behind in competition by each passing day. Technology has become indispensable for the accommodation industry in all aspects, from pre-booking communication with your guests to meeting customer needs during their stay.

It is now possible to increase your sales as well as enhance customer satisfaction with the help of different investments in technology.  However, one of the most common mistakes here is to start investing before the staff members are actually ready to use such technologies efficiently.  We previously discussed this subject on our HotelRunner blog in detail.

Here are some technologies and technological services that will facilitate your sales, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Personal devices

Guests staying at your property usually bring their electronic belongings with them. A tranquil environment where one can work in is critical for those traveling for business purposes rather than a holiday. In the meantime, it would also be better to consider that they might want to charge such electronic devices in any area of your property.  Providing certain devices which they might forget to bring during their stay can also work well to keep their satisfaction at the highest.

Online sales channels

Your guests frequently make use of online travel agencies (OTA) when they are searching for hotels before traveling. Therefore, you should also be active on these crucial sales channels.  You had better not omit OTAs while applying Internet technologies on your website for online direct sales in your property. If you already preferred the HotelRunner platform for your property, it means that you are one step ahead in this subject thanks to the opportunity of managing multiple channels through one panel.

Internet access is an absolute must

According to research, a large majority of hotel guests would like to receive Wi-Fi service.  This has become almost a must to ensure customer satisfaction. However, you have to be aware of the things you should know while providing Wi-Fi service and decide in advance whether your Internet access service will be free-of-charge or paid.

Your mobile-compatible website

It has become almost mandatory to have a mobile-compatible website for your property, in response to the ever-increasing use of mobile Internet.  To boost your sales, it is critical to access your potential guests, particularly hotel guests, through mobile devices they frequently use and provide them with the option of booking online.

Indeed, the platform you use for the management, promotion and sales activities of your property should provide the capability to create your own mobile-compatible website in the most practical manner. If you would like to access all these features and even more, while improving your property constantly, HotelRunner is all you need. Create your HotelRunner account and make your website a part of the digital world now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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