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The 10 most popular holiday destinations for 2014 according to TripAdvisor

Websites offering innumerable accommodation alternatives for users on the Internet are now the primary source of information for many users as part of their vacation organization efforts. Many people can plan their travel and holiday more easily as they can access guest comments on accommodation properties from all over the world, evaluate suggestions and see detailed images of properties on a single platform.

Evaluating guest preferences with periodic user surveys, travel guide websites convey guest preferences by publishing the most preferred destinations and properties. TripAdvisor, which is among the most popular travel sites of the world, announced its annual Travelers’ Choice survey regarding the most popular holiday destinations for 2014. When determining the most preferred destinations of guests planning their travel, TripAdvisor focuses on the accommodation properties viewed the most by users within 12 months, property quality as well as other attractive features for guests and considers if they have globally-renowned restaurants in the city.

Surpassing 11 cities compared to the previous list, Istanbul ranks the highest among the most preferred travel destinations of 2014. Other popular destinations are as follows:

1. Istanbul

2. Rome, Italy

3. London, UK

4. Beijing, China

5. Prague, Czech Republic

6. Marrakesh, Morocco

7. Paris, France

8. Hanoi, Vietnam

9. Siem Reap, Cambodia

10. Shanghai, China

The increasing popularity of Asian countries is among the remarkable results of survey. While Beijing, Hanoi, Siem Reap and Shanghai are listed among the first 10 destinations, popular cities from Northern Europe are not included there, which can be interpreted as guests’ desire to discover new and different cultures.

While popular cities like Paris and Prague are observed to decrease in rank, cities like Dubai, Budapest and Lisbon rank for the first time in the top 25 of the most preferred holiday destinations.

TripAdvisor suggests that the reason why Istanbul surprisingly ranks the first has to do with it being a marvelous city where historical and cultural aspects are combined with a modern touch. Being among the few cities spanning across two continents, Istanbul is considered to have an impact on both continents with its architecture, art, music and cuisine culture and it is emphasized that the city occupies a great share in the Turkish tourism market.

Determining the best holiday destinations every year with user surveys, TripAdvisor also provides the option of online booking for its users from these countries. Create your HotelRunner account now to claim your position in the powerful sales channels of the digital world where tourism trends are reshaped.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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