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The 5 essentials for video marketing

Recently, a new way of advertising has emerged, surpassing the published means of advertising: video. Videos are the most-preffered methods of advertising today since they provide great opportunities as an effective tool that allows us to use the impact of images properly, grasp all the outstanding features of a property, build trust and spread the word.

The effective examples of videos on the internet you can find as a referernce when promoting your property share some similarities: They are short and their content is not complex. They are simply easy to watch and grasp, which are just the two of these similarities. It also works well when these videos contain some sense of humor, allowing your guests to have fun and spend more time watching the video.  HotelRunner has checked the subtleties of using videos effectively when introducing your services for you.

What should be the length of a good video?

Research shows that short videos measured by seconds like those in Vine and Instagram are more effective than the longer videos. The main reason behind this is the increase in the use of social media and mobile devices. Also, long videos might cause distraction after some time and reduced attention. It is possible to reach many people simultaneously through a little effort by using popular social networks properly and making videos that do not take much time.

Use the power of smiling

Videos are convincing marketing tools that you can use when promoting your property. However, the tone of a successful video is as crucial as the length of the video. By adorning them with mildly humorous elements rather than only giving information about your property, you can enrich the content of your videos so that more people can watch and share them.

Choose simple expressions

When promoting your property, you can reach a larger audience by taking into account details like the age, gender, region, income level and cultural background of your guests. This way, you can increase the potential of your guests. The simplicity in your expressions will give you the chance to address a larger audience, while playing a great role in eliminating the doubts related to the quality of your service.

Enhance your watch-worthiness

So, you would like your video to reach millions of people. But how can you do this? Communicating with right people and groups on popular social networks is not the only way to do this, yet it is the most proper one. At first, you should start small and gradually build your community and reach your target audience, so you can maintain an active communication with your existing and potential guests.  Thanks to the comments on your video, you can analyze the satisfaction of your guests and measure how many people have watched your video instantly.  The number of your followers and quality content will increase the number of views accordingly.

Be original

For example, you can prefer telling the story of your property instead of preparing an ordinary promotional video, Retelling your beautiful memories with your guests as part of your videos and story is actually a creative way of showing how you care about them and make them feel special. We recommend you to stick to the facts in your videos as much as possible.  It might be a reason for your guests to prefer your property if you understand their expectations, provide them with the most suitable services and show the facilities offered in your property.

Videos, which are one of the most commonly-used methods of marketing, have an active role in promoting your property. When used effectively, you will enjoy the positive results of this application which you can boost through a wide range of marketing opportunities via social media, thus you can access your guests easily and quickly. HotelRunner is the only source where you can obtain more information about the length, content and form of your videos. The latest information about the new marketing methods and the applications that will take your property one step ahead are waiting for you on our website as well. You can visit our website and create your HotelRunner account now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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