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The benefits of a mobile-compatible website for your property

Mobile-compatibility is a term we have been recently hearing quite frequently. In the accommodation industry, mobile-compatible websites are key to receive online booking through mobile devices.

There are two common methods for making websites mobile-compatible: You can either design a completely new website to direct the audience to this website through mobile devices or you can redesign the existing website in a way that allows it to run on all platforms (devices, operating systems and browsers). The second method is called “responsive design”. Whichever method you choose to use, mobile-compatibility will arguably contribute to your property in the competition.

Here are things you should know about mobile-compatible websites.

Why is mobile-compatibility needed?

A large majority of websites are designed for large-screen PCs that are referred to as desktops. These screens did not cause any problems in terms of compatibility so far as their sizes are generally of standard size. However, this changed after large screens became common with HD technology, which was followed by the emergence of mobile devices having different screen sizes.

A mobile device is capable of running a website which is not mobile-compatible. However, the website might not be viewed in its original form as mobile devices have smaller screen than desktops, so there might be difficulties in viewing the buttons and fonts. Such a website is not often preferred by users due to impracticality.  If you intend to attract visitors using mobile devices, you better make your website mobile-compatible.

You can be one step ahead in the competition

The rapid development in the use of mobile devices might actually have caught the accommodation industry unaware. Business managers who consider this as temporary have not taken the necessary actions in terms of mobile-compatibility. However, statistics clearly reveal the effect of mobile devices on the industry. If you take action in keeping up with the change, your property can be the first preference of mobile users. This is because mobile-compatible websites can remain present in an area where competition is not yet intense.

You can access potential guests from anywhere

Mobility means having the freedom to be on the go. This gives us hints as to the fact that potential guests can access the Internet from anywhere and book online. A mobile-compatible website can access a target audience in a larger period of time. Also mobile users have more advanced shopping habits compared with desktop users.

Your visibility in search engines increases

Mobile-compatible websites have a positive impact on your visibility. Mobile-compatibility matters especially for companies like Google, which has a determining role in web standards. This brings advantages in organic searches for properties that strive for mobile-compatibility. If you care about ranking on the first page and in the top results of searches, you might think of having a mobile-compatible website infrastructure before spending huge amounts of money on SEO.

You can enhance user experience

A mobile-compatible website does not just allow users to book online. Thanks to top content marketing, your guests who like exploring the places they visit by sight- seeing can enjoy your posts related to the region where your property is located in. On the other hand, you can inform your guest about the events in your hotel. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that mobile-compatibility will increase the effect of your content marketing efforts and improve guest experience.

Mobile-compatibility represents the future of the accommodation industry just like in any other industry. Investing in mobile platforms and considering it a great opportunity might become vital for properties in the short term. Of course you need to decide properly when choosing the platform to invest in. If you want your website to be mobile-compatible, HotelRunner can make things really easier for you. You can find all features including mobile-compatibility in this unique platform. Join the HotelRunner family and start increasing the number of your online bookings now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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