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The benefits of online presence for travel agencies

The digital world offers innumerable opportunities for businesses in any industry. Companies using the Internet effectively and efficiently are increasing in number each day. Tourism is one of the industries that develops by making use of any kind of opportunities offered by the Internet. Travel agencies in particular benefit from the opportunities of this new channel by becoming present on the Internet, where almost all holiday and travel plans are made.

Research shows that the interest in online travel agencies (OTA) is increasing each day. For traditional travel agencies, however, getting started with the Internet is not all about promoting your property in lower costs, but it also means increasing profitability and the number of sales channels. To benefit from this opportunity, OTAs try to introduce themselves to users, build a brand image and make sales especially by creating quality content.

A detailed study carried out by ComScore reveals the benefits of being online for travel agencies with an overall focus on the industry trends, OTAs and customer behaviors.

Mobile effect on travel planning

According to the study, 28 percent of Internet users planning their travels conduct their research through mobile devices. It is observed that mobile’s effect on travel plans has increased by 45 percent. The study also shows that content about travel plans are read through mobile devices with a rate of 52 percent.

It is critical to take into account the fact that a great majority of bookings are performed through mobile devices.

The role of content in directing customers

In light of the holiday plans made through travel agencies, it is noted that 18 percent of customers work with the selected OTA for the first time. Similarly, 18 percent of customers travel with the selected airline company for the first time. As for the hotel, 10 percent follow the recommendations of friends or family members. 15 percent of users that stay in the hotel they choose for the first time.

Customers seem to be open to trying new things, apart from their own experiences. This reveals the importance of the content to be shared by OTAs when directing customer preferences. At this point, it becomes important for agencies to suggest the correct travel destinations and provide customers with satisfactory information. Therefore, it becomes necessary to create a brand new source that will eliminate the need for another source related to the destinations.

Social media posts

We all know how travel is related to emotions. The connection made with a destination is also an additional value for the brand. According to research, 21 percent of people satisfied with their travels share their experience on the Internet. Those sharing this as a personal post constitute to 13 percent, while those sharing details about the hotel they stay at are 15 percent. Posts about a travel can provide an insight for agencies as to which points are considered more by their customers, so they can improve their content in accordance with these ideas.

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Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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