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The effect of cultural differences on customer satisfaction in the accommodation industry

The world is getting smaller and the borders between people are disappearing each day. We are getting to know different cultures, while witnessing different lifestyles we are unfamiliar with and learning different ways of communication. These experiences and information are critical for properties to sustain their profitability.

Tourism is an industry where cultural differences stand out. Hosting innumerous guests from all over the world, our country is, so to say, working right in the middle of a culture cloud.  This diversity is naturally reflected on the accommodation industry. Let’s check out how cultural differences can affect customer satisfaction.

Reports and analyses

Although pricing and location are of priority for customers, the secondary reasons for the preference of a property might vary considerably. According to a study carried out by Cornell University, package tour offers affect the preferences of Americans and Europeans by 2 to 8 percent, while this rate can reach up to 20 percent for Japanese guests.

Another example can also be given to show how much customer satisfaction depends on variable dynamics: The effect of waiting at the check-in desk on the level of satisfaction varies according to the guests’ geography of origin. American and Canadian guests lose their patience within 5-7 minutes, while this period can be up to 15-17 minutes for those coming from European countries.  Japanese guests are the most patient of them with an average of thirty minutes.

The method to overcome differences

Results of the study show a different aspect of customer satisfaction in the accommodation industry. A service standard developed both for the promotion of your property and the services for guests might be insufficient to achieve customer satisfaction. Therefore, you need to analyze the cultural traits of your guests properly and obtain correct results so that you can improve your service quality in a considerable way.

Another method to turn cultural differences into customer satisfaction is marketing activities. You need to take into account the priorities of your guests from different countries for all your digital marketing activities including community management in particular.


Cultural differences are changing the service approach and competition for the accommodation industry, while customer relations management is growing in value. Property managers need to develop flexible structures tailored for different customers by abandoning the monotype service approach and develop strategies in digital marketing accordingly.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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