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The Google Plus effect on your website’s SEO strategy

Having 150 million active users, of which 50 percent are daily visitors, Google Plus is a key tool for social media marketing. Becoming increasingly effective and important among social networks, Google Plus draws the attention of many businesses. Companies that have a page on Google Plus can attract more visitors by contributing to their websites’ SEO efforts through this page.

Google Plus became a part of the digital world later than the other social networks. However, this gap has been eliminated with the investments of Google in its own social network. These investments of Google aim to collect user data more accurately and offer them as more quality search results. Thus Google Plus is significantly important for your property’s marketing activities in terms of SEO. What can you do to reinforce your SEO efforts and increase your site traffic?

1. Use of titles

You should make use of Google Plus’s effect on search results to increase your property’s website traffic. Your posts on your Google Plus account can surpass your posts on other social media networks in the search results and increase the number of visitors visiting your website through the social network. Use of titles is one of the primary matters of attention to take the advantage of this effect. Using titles in your content is important for your Google Plus posts as much as they are for other social networks.

Titles with keywords might be ranked among the top results in Google search results. Therefore, you can be featured in the top results by creating a title tag or a normal title in your Google Plus content.

2. Descriptive summary section

You can use both visual and written content to create effective posts on Google Plus. Research shows that informative and long articles on Google Plus can be as interactive as visual content. Therefore, it is not a disadvantage on Google Plus to share descriptive and informative long articles. The most important point to consider when posting such things is to create a summary section that summarizes the content and encourages people to read the whole text. Also, it can be effective to focus on the benefits of the text for users in the summary section. These summary sections in which you mostly feature keywords can contribute to your content especially for SEO purposes.

3. Use of images

Using images is as important for your Google Plus posts as for other social networks. Sharing quality images of your hotel will not only affect and lead your followers to visit your website, it will also enable search engines to determine your content more easily and increase your ranking in the results. Also, one should be careful to post visual content that can be shared easily with appropriate sizes.

Google Plus is a critical social network in terms of the digital marketing activities for your property. Presence on Google Plus can help you access potential customers through an effective social sharing platform and increase your income. HotelRunner can help you enable your property to take the highest advantage possible from social media channels. Create your HotelRunner account immediately and start earning now.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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