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The hidden profit generators for touristic properties: Blogs

Although being a blogger is known to be an individual effort a touristic property can make money from its blog. You can create blogs to make money, while enhancing your property’s revenue and recognition by managing such blogs.

There are some “myths” about blogs related to the tourism industry on the Internet. One of them is related to touristic property blogs. Here is the story: A newly-established property decides to write a blog to announce the services offered for the Far East. First, they create a striking title which has a remarkable spot below it, which is followed by a text about the new contract and services. They start receiving booking requests from the Far East due to their blog post.

You can also increase your profitability by applying this method to your property. HotelRunner has researched methods for properties to earn by blogging and obtained promising results. Here are things to do to achieve this.

Informing and directing

Consider your blog as a sign post. This sign post should direct people to the page you want them to visit easily in a convincing way. After this direction, you can start your sales and marketing strategy for the following route. The most important point to consider is the style of directing. The directed pages should present what you promise. If people end up in a page different then where they were directed, their purchase decision might be affected negatively.

Content headquarters

What we mean by “headquarters” here is the right channels where you will share your content and direct the consumers to your blog. As your content covers many titles including tourism and subcategories, you should determine the related strategic mediums. When your blog is shared in this context, your recognition will be enhanced accordingly.

Google+ is obviously quite effective regarding this. In this channel, it might be good to follow tourism and travel pages. Twitter is the most effective tool in terms of specific interests. When used, it can bear fruit immediately. Tumblr and Pinterest are important as two colorful channels through which you can attract users to your blog. For B2B professionals, we recommend LinkedIn and Facebook almost for everything.

Campaigns and incentives

Campaigns are quite practical as a marketing method. This strategy is based on offering little gifts or offers for all your readers sharing your content. You can choose anything as a gift. You can offer discounts you determine for certain periods or offer a free-of-charge SPA session or a guided tour service. People like it when they receive gifts. Whatever you give as a gift, they welcome it and it will enable your names to be shared on social networks.

Gather people on the web

As your blog is recognized and followed, you may organize “webinars” to increase the number of your visitors. It is now quite easy to organize events and promotions thanks to webinars. This way, a large group of people can communicate with the support of many features like sound and videos on the Internet. You can promote such meetings through social media and your blog.

Quick reply, instant earning

After you post articles on your blog, you might encounter a group of people that want to ask further questions and communicate directly for detailed information. When these requests are responded to immediately, you can keep catching their attention with e-bulletins and turn this into sales if you win their heart right on spot.

HotelRunner provides all the features you need to turn your potential guests’ interest into sales. Create your HotelRunner account immediately and start earning today.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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