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The importance of content marketing for online agencies

New dynamics in customer relations emerge every day as mobility conquers the world. Users now look for businesses they can somehow connect with, rather than those where they can only purchase products or services. Activities like commenting, sharing and rating gradually become a daily routine, which urges online travel agencies — just like all other companies ­- to develop quality content and brand stories. So what do you do in regards to content marketing for your online travel agency?

The main purpose of content marketing on the Internet is to enable users to interact with products or services. Creating and maintaining useful, high-quality, entertaining content or content helping consumers bond with the brand can be the best choice for you to make a name for yourself on the digital platform.

It should be noted that content marketing is a marketing method which pays dividends in the long run, but it is a more permanent one. Content marketing allows you to create organic user traffic and a loyal customer profile for your online agency. It is possible to say that putting such a strategy into practice is easier for the tourism and travel industry compared to many other industries. This is because the product promoted in this industry already has an attractive aspect. Check our article for tips to take advantage of content when creating an e-marketing strategy for your property.

Content materials

There are various materials you can use when creating your content. Visual elements like photos and videos are the most significant and effective ones among them. Such content enjoy higher comment and share rates. So, it is you who should include them in your posts most of the time in order to interact especially on social networks based on images.

Written content considerably contributes to your property especially for search engine optimization. If you have difficulty in creating original written content, you can focus on sharing customer experiences. To achieve this, you need to encourage your existing customers to talk about their travel they made through your agency. Enabling them to comment on your own content and turning this into a prize-based game can also be a good idea.

Inspirational and helpful content

The content you share on your online agency’s website, blog or on one of the social media accounts should be useful and inspirational for users. For instance, you can try preparing an article which works as a guide for those looking for a different travel route in summer. Titles like “5 places to visit in winter” can draw the attention of many people. You can also include geographical and historical information about the tour destinations in your articles. Such content will be helpful for users who have difficulty in planning their travels.

The basic strategy in content marketing should be to provide, with no intention of personal gain, benefits for visitors. In the digital world, where one-to-one relations have become more important than ever, sales are secondary: the top priority is building trust.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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