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The importance of Google Analytics results for online travel agencies

The data about which digital channels your online travel agency’s (OTA) website traffic comes from might give you insights into many issues from SEO optimization to website design, from your sales figures to your social media strategy. Therefore, it is critical for you to measure your online travel agency’s website traffic and assess your site’s current situation.

Google Analytics is among the most significant reporting tools that helps you view your visitor statistics in detail. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can learn how frequently your website is visited, through which links users access your agency’s website, and the traffic you gain from social media platforms.

How can you use this tool, which provides you with analysis reports and detailed information in the most proper way? Here are the tips to interpret Google Analytics properly.

Reporting both real-time and based on previous activities

Real time analysis, one of the most significant reports of Google Analytics, helps you follow visitor activities at the very moment they happen on your website. Such data is monitored and reported on the basis of seconds.

With realtime data analysis, you can learn about

The number of current visitors
The geographic location of your visitors and the sources they came from.
Pages visitors interact with
The realized targeted returns. You may also view such information based on previous dates.

Social media reports

It is also critical for your agency to assess how effective social media platforms are for your OTA to receive more traffic. Google Analytics reports might help you in this. Google Analytics social media reports help you view and examine the automatically-directed traffic to your website, coming from all social networks. Detailed data provided by these reports can be listed as follows:

The traffic received from social networks is classified according to various networks (For instance, traffic coming from YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn are classified separately)
You may view which networks bring traffic to a particular page of your site.
You can compare these networks bringing traffic to your site through comparative graphics.
You may determine which content on your site is more popular on social networks.

Behavior flow report

You can observe your visitors’ behaviors on your site with Google Analytics’ behavior reports. These reports provide you with data on

The total number of pages viewed,
Order of pages based on the number of views
You may learn how much time a user spends on your website.

In addition to the reports we shared, Google Analytics also helps you manage your online agency’s website more effectively with various data. Did you know that HotelRunner presents your online agency’s analytics and reports in a simple and articulate way? If you have not met HotelRunner which is compatible with Google Analytics yet, we invite you to become a member of our family to manage your online agency more easily and increase your sales.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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