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The importance of mobile for boutique hotels

While the number of smartphone users has reached 2 billion globally, the accommodation industry comes up as one of the industries where mobile services are used the most. The number of mobile applications serving the tourism and accommodation industry increases each day. Travelers, especially guests who prefer boutique hotels, prefer mobile devices to computers when booking and purchasing. Both last-minute bookings and purchases are made mostly through mobile devices.

According to experts conducting studies on the use of mobile devices in boutique hotels, there are some differences between mobile devices when it comes to booking and purchasing accommodation services. According to data, 12 percent of holiday travelers and 17 percent of business travelers prefer mobile devices for overnight stays. These rates correspond to 35-40 percent for mobile applications.

What are the importance and potential benefits of mobile for boutique hotels?

Travelers prefer boutique hotels particularly.

Aiming to provide more quality services for a low number of customers due to limited number of rooms, boutique hotels are ideal for guests looking for a peaceful holiday. Using mobile devices actively, boutique hotel guests consist mostly of middle aged and younger professionals. According to research, mobile booking rates are much lower for one-star or five-star hotels.

Most of the holiday travelers use smartphones

There is a remarkable increase in the use of mobile devices in the tourism industry, especially for boutique hotels. The rate of those preferring mobile devices to book for one-day stays is about 70 percent. This means that mobile is a medium used most effectively by guests planning short-period travels. It is observed that last-minute discounts have a great impact on guests’ booking decisions.

Comments also make it possible for boutique hotels to be preferred

Social media comments are one of the primary criteria for guests as they prefer one boutique hotel over the others in their travels. Research shows that user comments on boutique hotels are considered more reliable and sincere than comments on 5 star hotels. Your responses to comments by visitors accessing you through mobile devices suggest a healthy communication between you and your guests.

Next-gen consumers who adopt a mobile lifestyle focus on mobile when planning their travels and holiday. The mobile-compatibility feature of your website makes it easier for your potential guests to connect you through this platform where they can easily communicate with you any time. HotelRunner can help your website to be featured perfectly on your desktop or in all mobile tools with its advanced features. The way to create social platforms and quality content on web and mobile platforms begins with HotelRunner. Create your account and get started immediately to increase your sales.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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