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The latest technology trends for hotels

Technology has become a part of our lives with all its aspects. This makes it necessary for the accommodation industry to follow the trends closely in order to create a better customer experience. The analyses carried out this year reveals that mobile and online investments have increased in the entire accommodation industry from large hotel chains to boutique hotels.

Considering that almost all your guests arriving in your hotel have smartphones and tablets, it can be indisputably argued that investments in digital technologies enhance customer satisfaction. How can you use the Internet and mobile technology to create a positive customer experience? Here are some tips.

1. Internet connection with higher speed

Many customers you accommodate in your hotel have technological devices like computers, tablets and smartphones. This means many of your customers want to access the Internet at the same time. When the Internet is disconnected all the time and the speed is low, it will have a negative effect on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to strengthen your Internet infrastructure for the sake of positive customer experience.

2. Smart room keys

Many hotels now use smart cards for guest rooms instead of keys. However, it is said that these smart room keys will be replaced by customer mobile phones in many hotel chains including Hilton in particular by 2016. Therefore, the aim is to eliminate problems such as losing or forgetting the key and present a positive customer experience.

3. Sharing digital content

According to a study, 99 percent of hotel guests bring at least one device with Internet access. 40 percent travel with 3 or more devices. According to the result of a survey held by Smith Micro Survey, 81 percent of guests want to see an introductory video of the hotel on their smartphones. 55 percent like it when content with hotel information is posted digitally.

4. Social media integration

Social media is a critical platform used by hotels both for promotion and customer services. Your guests’ posts on social media platforms increase your hotel’s recognition. Also, their comments and critics on these channels are a significant source to create an effective customer service strategy. These posts can provide a hotel with important information as to which field needs improving. We can argue that hotels that don’t use social media platforms effectively in 2014 will miss a significant advantage in promoting their property and customer services.

It is quite obvious that technology has as major impact on the accommodation industry and is of a great concern for customer relations. You can promote your hotel, strengthen your brand and increase your sales by following the technological developments and trends on the Internet and social networks. HotelRunner keeps serving the accommodation industry by growing steadily according to the needs of customers. If you want to access your customers through digital marketing channels, you can create your free HotelRunner account and start using the features offered by HotelRunner immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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