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The most effective social media trends for promoting your property

The Internet usage has already expanded in the recent years rapidly. However, this process has become even faster as smartphones and tablets have  become more involved in it. Currently, almost any user can access the Internet any time. Millions of users across the world visit social networks through their mobile devices on every occasion.

The “social media craze” emerged with the foundation of Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006 has now reached to a point which not only the users but also the companies cannot overlook social media if they want to access these users and communicate their message.

Social networks like Instagram and Vine where photos and videos are featured have diversified marketing options for companies. So, what are the newest and the most effective trends for you to introduce your property on social media which is such a critical marketing channel.

Mobile devices keep improving

Experts state that 87 percent of devices with Internet access will be mobile by 2017. At least half of your target audience on digital marketing channels will be using mobile devices by then.  You better consider this aspect in regards to your mailing efforts and check how your website is viewed on mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-compatible, you will lose loads of bookings.

Quality and original content is a top criterion of search engines

Social media is an effective channel for you to convey your website content to larger audiences. Also social networks, particularly Google+, contribute a lot to your search engine optimization (SEO). Therefore, content marketing is becoming more important by each day and this will only grow in the upcoming years.

Which social networks are more popular?

Facebook maintains its leading position on social media with over 1 billion users. It is followed by Twitter and Google+.  And it will not be surprising to see that Facebook will be the most critical channel for brands to access their target audiences as it will utilize new advertising models in 2014 and in the future.

Will videos replace photos?

In the upcoming periods, services like Vine and Instagram featuring videos shorter than a minute will become more popular. This trend is pretty clear especially by the short videos posted on Twitter. Social media posts featuring images attract more interaction compared to plain texts and the effect increases when a video is involved.

Currently and in the upcoming years, social media will remain as one of the most essential digital marketing channels and it seems that it will increase its impact. So, you should make sure to have an infrastructure ensuring that your property will keep up with the era of social media. If you choose HotelRunner for your property, you do not need to worry at all. You can create your social media accounts easily, post content on them, while building and strengthening your online presence thanks to HotelRunner, which can meet all your needs related to this. Create your account now and see what HotelRunner can offer you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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