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The most significant travel technology trends for 2014

The innovations in today’s travel technology have the potential of breaking ground. Besides, travel agencies in our era have access to more interesting and abundant sources than ever in the industry’s history. New methods are constantly sought to go beyond the understanding of ‘providing services in traditional ways’ and support all processes of the traveling experience. This is because discovering new technologies and delivering content and services in a wide spectrum is crucial for ‘customer satisfaction’. Therefore, property owners need to invest in some areas like messaging systems through which they can measure customer needs and responses, automatic check-in, luggage storage and mobile room entrance. HotelRunner offers you some of the most significant travel technologies of 2014.

Wearable smart devices

Wearable smart devices make it possible to be in constant and seamless interaction with technology anywhere. Becoming increasingly popular, wearable smart devices draw attention with their brilliant features like voice command and motion detection. Several travel companies so far have deployed technologies for the benefit of society. For instance, Virgin Airlines uses Google Glass for check-in, flight updates and translations. A tourism organization in Florida uses Google Glass and social media together to carry out a successful advertising campaign. By starting to use different smart devices in your property, you can make a difference by both showing that you meet their technological expectations and by making their visit more enjoyable.

Mobile devices

With mobile-compatible applications, you can drive a user-friendly and high-performance web traffic for your interactions with your potential guests. To achieve this, you better create a mobile website that supports customer needs and expectations and is compatible with mobile devices by integrating a mobile strategy into your customer experience management strategy.

Social media

Social media is a pretty effective platform to turn your followers into guests. You can use social media to publish and follow up your communication activities, acquire valuable data from your observations about your target audience and receive feedback from your guests. Therefore, we recommend that your website contains social media features and you integrate other marketing approaches with social media.


Video is an effective tool that contributes not only to creating marketing content but also informative content like destinations and is effective in building investment revenue. Digital and video technology makes it possible for travel companies to interact with their potential guests at all stages of the traveling process.  Therefore, you can increase the interaction with your potential guests with the related video content. You can also have the chance to measure the investment returns and create promotions by applying your video content strategy in your business goals, target audience and content. Breathtaking and visionary innovations and technologies will certainly continue to contribute to the travel industry in the upcoming years. You can both drive guests to your property and turn into your existing guests into loyal guests by investing in innovation travel technologies effective in the entire traveling process. You will need an experienced and a reliable solution partner like HotelRunner not only in this, but also in all other issues related to increasing the occupancy rate of your property. Create your free-of-charge account now and keep up with other innovations when carrying your property to the Internet.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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