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The world’s first Instagram-themed hotel opens after Twitter

A short while ago, we have introduced  the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel to you. Enabling guests to be in constant touch both with the hotel management and each other on Twitter, the hotel serves like a mirror to how the rapidly-changing nature of digital world could be adapted to our daily lives.

However, it is not the only example which allows the accomodation industry to immerse in the digital world.  Recently, Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing app, has inspired a hotel in Australia, which has started serving the world’s first Intagram-themed concept.

Let’s have a closer look at how the world’s first hotel of its kind has enriched Instagram’s features…

Images come first

Hotel 1888 inSydney, Australia, mainly focuses on images . Therefore, the hotel features various details worth photographing in a variety of areas from the lobby to the rooms. It is also decorated with the photos shot by its own guests, in addition to those areas inspiring guests to take photographs.

The decoration actually intends to encourage guests to take more photographs during their stay. Indeed, the management is well aware that those photos will be shared on social media, which will act as promotion of the hotel for free.

Twitter otelinden sonra dünyanın ilk Instagram oteli de açıldı

Free accommodation to those followed by many on Instagram

The hotel’s daily accommodation fee is around 140 dollars. However, Instagram users followed by 10 thousand or more people can enjoy free accommodation at the first night of their stay. This way Hotel 1888 aims to attract those active Instragram users whose photos are liked by many.

Even one single shot taken by such Instagram users will allow outreach to minimum 10 thousand people and thus promote Hotel 1888. It would not be wrong to consider this strategy among the most clever promotion tools one can buy for 140 dollars.

The secret of the blank frame hanging in the lobby

The blank frame hanging from the ceiling of the lobby is among the most interesting details. Guests photographed standing behind it will for sure arouse curiosity about the hotel once they share these photos not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter.


Twitter otelinden sonra dünyanın ilk Instagram oteli de açıldı

Everything dedicated to photo sharing

It is not even necessary to remind you that Wi-Fi is for free. Free Internet access rewards the hotel with guests photographing the facilities, sharing them on social media and thus promoting the hotel.

It is also not an issue if guests do not have a photo-taking device as the rooms also have an iPad for guests to use throughout their stay. This is how guests are left without an excuse not to take photos during their stay at the world’s first Instagram-themed hotel.

The world’s first Twitter-themed hotel opened in Spain, followed by the first Instagram-themed hotel in Australia. One can today expect to see a rapid increase in similar hotels. The major impact of social media and digital marketing on accomodation industry affirms itself. You may not be as enthusiastic about integrating your hotel’s theme with Instagram. However, do no understimate Instagram’s potential as a useful tool for you. You can also have a look at our previous article on the use of Instagram for hotels  .

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Images: 8Hotels

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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