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These 3 methods provide more value from your Facebook ads

We previously mentioned how to place ads on Facebook step-by-step, but you can make use of some more hints to make your Facebook ads more efficient. Indeed, the social media agency or specialist you work with will lead you in determining the basic frame for your social network ads. However, things might fall short of your expectations at times, while in other occasions you can experience certain things that surpass your expectations.

Facebook ads are mostly preferred by small-scale properties with a limited advertising-promotions budget and such properties would like to make the most of every penny they allocate, thus it becomes critical to minimize the ‘unpredictable’ factors and avoid leaving things to chance.

Here comes the following question at this point: What are the things that businesses performing extraordinarily well with Facebook ads do right?

Specially prepared for you by HotelRunner, this short guide describes 3 methods we have compiled for you to make the most of every penny you allocate to the biggest social network of the world.

1) Convey your message briefly

It is critical that your very short advertising text should be to the point, dramatic, comprehensible instantly and easily conceived by the reader without thinking too much over what you mean. You can make a difference if you avoid redundancy and give your message directly. This way, you can increase your CTR (Click-Through Rate), while reducing the pay-per click cost remarkably.

If you have developed a couple of alternative advertising texts and cannot decide on one of them, divide your budget among them and review their performances. Therefore, you can measure what kind of sentences and expressions lead to more positive reactions from your target audience.

2) Use attractive images

Almost all social media advertising specialists suggest using images like smiling faces and human photos which users would like to identify with themselves. While this might be true most of the time, we would suggest you to know your target audience very well and be extra careful to choose the right images.

For instance, if your property addresses mostly young couples, using an image that features a romantic sunset rather than children having fun and running around might help you access your target audience. You can also make use of visual alternatives we have mentioned above and measure which one works better for your target audience.

3) Target the right audience

The biggest strength of Facebook ads is that they allow you to determine target audiences according to their interests and demographics. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to target the right audience with your advertising plan. Even when you are addressing a small audience consisting of -let’s say- 20 thousand people, the return on investment may be considerably higher than your advertising costs. Ads targeting housewives will prove to be in vain if you intend to accommodate professionals from the business world in your property.

HotelRunner does not only provide a website for your property, but it also offers options to manage your digital marketing and even online advertising activities easily. Create your account for free now and see what your property will gain from the award-winning HotelRunner infrastructure.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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