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Tips for increasing your ranking on Tripadvisor

Today, the influence of the Internet on accommodation industry is on continuous increase. With guests planning their entire travel on the Internet, hotels are faced by enormous advantages in terms of both marketing and direct sales.


Therefore, hotel websites play a role in a hotel’s profitability which is more significant than ever before. Furthermore, websites, which offer various accommodation options for their users, have multiplied their popularity in time. The number of guests who have booked through such websites has reached significant levels.

And TripAdvisor is among the most popular websites. Known by everyone in the industry and closely followed by most of them, TripAdvisor has the potential to help you distinguish your property, by ranking higher on this service.

How does TripAdvisor crate this “Popularity Ranking” and what can you do to rank higher?

Encourage comments

Users visit TripAdvisor to choose the most ideal property in the region they plan to travel. What they specifically search for is the comments of those who have previously accommodated at the relevant property. Therefore, the first thing to do for a higher rank on TripAdvisor is receiving more comments.

You could achieve this by encouraging your guests to share their opinions about your property on TripAdvisor. Not everyone would be willing to do so. However, you could offer a small gift to those who are willing to comment on TripAdvisor, which could help you even more in the long run.

Do not leave negative comments unanswered

You need to take into account that not all comments would be positive. That’s why an executive in your hotel could regularly follow up the comments about your property on TripAdvisor and answer negative comments.

However, treating discontented customers on the Internet is a sensitive issue that needs meticulous addressing. We recommend you to have a look at our article for further information about this issue.

Deliver distinctive service

A distinctive service you offer in your complex would be the only way that could bring more comments most of which are positive. Once your guests receive quality service in your property and check out with memorable and pleasurable moments, they would most probably share positive comments about you.

Taking into account negative comments on TripAdvisor (if any) would also help you increase the quality of your services and eliminate the insufficiencies of your property.

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Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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