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Tips for promoting your hotel on Instagram

In our era where images are easily created and shared, Instagram provides hotel owners with the opportunity of promoting their hotels in a different way. Since it was founded in 2010, Instagram has become a huge platform where 16 billion photos have been shared so far. 8500 photos are liked per second, and 1000 are commented on thanks to this social network which has opened a gateway to a brand new communication method. It is easy to see how much influence Instagram can have, when considering the impact of visuality on accommodation properties. Various offers and interesting entertainment options provided by your property, the scenery and events there occupy a considerable part in visual memories of customers. Sharing these peerless details of your hotel on a popular platform like Instagram can provide your potential customers some preliminary information about the comfort you promise. We are sharing some tips that can help you learn how to use Instagram in the most effective way while promoting your property… 

Proper photography

The images you will share on your Instagram account must be high definition photos, which allow you to show the beautiful parts of your property in the most effective way. For instance, a bed that is photographed with a proper angle and lighting can tell much more about the comfort in your property than an elaborative promotional article can do.

Event photos

Apart from scenery photos, event photos are other significant tools to show the vivid and friendly aspect of your hotel. You better share these photos (such as photos from a performance, a dance show, a concert, etc.) more often. These are images that well reflect the entertainment your potential guests will experience at your property.

Enhancing the outstanding features of your property

You can enhance your property’s distinctive aspects with the help of photos. For instance, there are differences between a property that is located in city center and one along the coast in terms of concept and offers. Such differences might be among the primary features your potential guests are looking for. Therefore, images should not be limited to the interiors of your hotel. You should feature photos of natural heritage and important structures surrounding you if you want to enhance the content of your website. Also photos from local events and activities organized there can have an influence.

Staff and behind-the-scenes activities

You can use on-the-job photos of your staff providing service in your property. This way, your property will have a humanly image and efforts of your staff will be appreciated if you show how creative and motivated your employees are to your guests.

Communication with customers

Your best advocates are your customers. You can share the photos they take via Instagram. You can even organize photography contests which could maximize your interaction with them. Therefore, you will not only bond strongly but also increase the effectiveness of your offers and promotions.

Sharing videos on Instagram

Instagram allows you to shoot and share short videos. When used properly, this feature can become very impressive. Imagine someone bored at the office is watching a peaceful beach video. A breathtaking moment from the animation show that took place last night might also create the same impression. These short but impressive videos might help you increase the possibility of accepting more bookings from your potential guests. Instagram is one of the essential alternatives on social media to promote your hotel, but it is not the only one. HotelRunner guides and supports you in any case no matter what channel you prefer. HotelRunner will strengthen your position within the industry through its various promotional options. Learn about HotelRunner now and start to increase your property’s sales immediately.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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