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Tips on a more effective Facebook marketing strategy for your property

With social networks, a new era has begun in digital marketing. It is now much easier to promote your property and strengthen your brand in the realm of Internet if you use social networks efficiently and properly. Besides, you can increase your property’s online sales with the help of social networks.

You can make use of social networking sites to develop your brand in the digital world and build close relations with your potential guests. For instance, your posts and comments on social platforms can prove very helpful to boost your property’s recognition. Also, your satisfied guests’ positive comments on your property can be tools for word-of-mouth marketing, so that a larger target audience will learn about your property.

Facebook is definitely the most famous of all social networks. Millions of businesses have pages on Facebook, which has more than 1 billion active users. If you would like to be active on Facebook and surpass your rivals in the competition, you should learn what kinds of posts attract more visitors.

Here are some of the remarkable results that we compiled from the detailed studies in this subject.

The power of images

Research shows that posts featuring images receive 53 percent more likes and 104 percent more comments than the others do. So, it is highly critical to feature images in your posts. It is also important to ensure that you use high quality images that are consistent with the message of your post. Your images should be original, which is another key aspect. Your marketing efforts will arguably benefit more if you use the images that you create yourself, rather than simply use the ordinary images that everyone uses.

Written posts

Featuring texts in your posts can be more effective in certain cases. There are some clues you should consider while doing so. The first one is related to the use of emoticons.  Emoticons in your shares such as :), :D bring 33 percent more comments and shares.  They can also receive 55 percent more likes. You, too, can take advantage of this approach, which builds close relations between you and your potential guests, provided that you do not use these emoticons too much.

Keep your posts short

Another subject is related to the length of your posts. It is observed that short texts draw more attention on Facebook. If your posts have less then 250 characters, you might have 60 percent more interaction compared with longer posts. If you can reduce the number of characters in your posts below 80, this rate goes up to 66 percent.

Contests draw attention

33 percent of users like a page to take part in a contest. Organizing contests is a significant tool, especially in terms of accessing new potential guests.

Questions drive comments

Despite being not as effective as the contests, posts that include questions are also an effective method for receiving comments. However, the number of likes and shares are lower when compared with the other kind of posts. However, a higher number of comments that the question will drive may ensure your posts are viewed by a larger audience.

The best approach is to use all these methods together, with the right frequency, instead of choosing one or two of them only. If you implement your Facebook marketing strategy properly, you will have the opportunity to attract a higher traffic to your property’s website.

The rest is up to the platform used by your property. If you have an advanced platform like HotelRunner, you will be able to facilitate your social media management process, and start achieving online sales immediately with online bookings and sales modules, without needing any technical knowledge. Create your account now to see and experience what HotelRunner can offer you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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