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Tips to attract more visitors to your property from social media

Content marketing and social media are among the most popular topics of digital marketing. Social media platforms have become an integral part of content marketing when the content you share to promote your property is shared on social networks along with information and communication tools like articles, photos and videos aiming at your potential guests.

When you share interesting content on your property’s website or blog that contains useful information for visitors, it will not only increase your brand recognition, but it will also improve your customer relations. But can you gain enough interaction on social media with the content you share? As HotelRunner, we have compiled the tips for you to increase your content’s engagement on social media.

Benefiting from the same content multiple times

Studies show that the content created for a blog or website can be effective in terms of receiving traffic when it is shared multiple times on social media platforms. A content you share periodically can access different users each time you repost it. A content that you are already familiar with can be something new for them. At this point, you should make sure to not share the same content excessively, while modifying it with different titles or images. This way, you can make use of the same content multiple times without causing it to seem like “spam”.

How can you determine the timing for such posts?

Creating a posting schedule

If you want to share the same content multiple times, you need to know when these posts are shared on which platforms. To achieve this, you can prepare a posting schedule. It can make your planning process easier to answer the following questions when preparing a posting schedule:

How many times should I post the same content? On which platforms?
Is there a certain time period for posts to bring more interaction?
How often should I post the same content on social media platforms?

With your answers to these questions, you can share a content posted on your blog at different hours of the day on different platforms and share general information referring to this content the next day, and then repost with slight changes the following month. You can change these periods any way you would like to on the condition that you will not post the same content all the time.

Avoiding posting the same message two times

You need to change the summaries and short messages you used before when sharing the same content multiple times. This is because it might create the impression of spamming users and trivialize your posts when you copy the post entirely. Changing the social media messages by highlighting the different aspects in the content is among the most effective methods you can use to present the same content like a brand new source.

You can take advantage of these tips to make your hotel’s social media posts more effective. If you also would like to welcome the opportunities across the ever-developing digital world, increase your property’s recognition and transfer your rooms and prices to online sales channels and agencies, you can benefit from the services offered by HotelRunner. Create your account at HotelRunner, the digital property management and marketing platform, and start increasing your sales.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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