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Tips to create striking posts on different social networks

Social media has now proven to be as one of the most effective marketing tools of our era. Properties that are active on social media, which is critical especially for the tourism industry, need to have a “competitive advantage”.

However, one should note that each social network has different features. Therefore you should share original content in line with the specialties of each social network for your property to gain “competitive advantage” on social media. Different content posted on different social networks draws the attention of your potential and existing guests, and increases your interaction with them.

Based on recent studies, HotelRunner provides you with the tips to stand out on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook with your posts.

1. How can you stand out on Twitter?

It is not very easy to draw attention on Twitter, which has a limitation of 140 characters, but it is not impossible.

·         Shorter tweets with the help of symbols

Your Twitter messages should be short and concise messages. Research shows that tweets with 120-130 characters increase engagement. Therefore, your posts can become more enjoyable when you add some symbols known as “emoticons” to your tweets, making your tweets easier to read even if you do not use a lot of characters.

·         Pin your significant tweets

Each time you send a new tweet on Twitter, your former tweets drop down, so your followers might miss some of your tweets. You can prevent this by pinning campaign-related tweets or similar important tweets on the top of your profile page. Thus you can ensure that your tweets reach more people.

·         Add value to your tweets with images

According to research, tweets with photos are clicked 18 percent more than others, retweeted 150 percent more and favorited 89 percent more. According to research, website links in tweets are clicked 55 percent more as well.

2. How can you draw attention on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, one of the world’s biggest professional networks, offers huge loads of opportunities especially for properties wanting to improve their corporate awareness. Here are some of the things you should note for increasing the engagement of your LinkedIn posts.

·         Posting frequently increases the effect

Research shows that companies posting content at least once a day on LinkedIn obtain 10 times more benefits than those that don’t.

·         You may share links and photos

As a major part of the LinkedIn posts are customizable, you can customize your posts to enhance their effect to remain in others’ minds. This benefit will be enhanced if you make sure that the size of photos you will use is 180×110.

3. How can you draw attention on Facebook?

You can use the following information to increase engagement by drawing your Facebook followers’ attention.

·         Sharing short posts is more useful

A study concentrating on 120 billion Facebook posts has revealed that long posts demonstrate a poorer engagement performance. The study also suggests that the highest engagement rate is achieved with 100-119-character posts.

·         Let your significant posts stand out with images

With a striking photo, you can ensure that the posts you want to highlight become more eye-catching.

HotelRunner is always there for you to increase your property’s website traffic by using not only Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but also all the social media networks efficiently. Create your free account now to promote and make direct online sales in the most practical way by carrying your property to the Internet with HotelRunner.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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