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Tips to increase your Facebook interactions

Companies focusing only on Facebook in their social media marketing efforts are having a great difficulty recently. This is because the algorithm changes applied by Facebook have disappointed companies not only in terms of reach but also in terms of interaction.

Facebook has been continuing to make changes to highlight “quality content” for a while. As Facebook shares have now reached up to a figure beyond users’ consumption capacity, these changes have been introduced to promote ‘high quality content’ which may attract users the most.

So, is there anything you can do if these changes, which are beyond your control and are introduced by Facebook, the most influential social media channel, damage your marketing efforts?

Luckily, the answer is “yes”. Here are tips to benefit more from a changing Facebook.

1. Quality content

No matter how the algorithm changes, quality content will always rank the highest and enjoy the interest it deserves. You should treat ‘quality content’ as the information that can be used by your online agency’s followers on Facebook. The algorithm changes affect both you and all businesses alike. Therefore, you should focus on content that your potential customers like and want to share.

2. A general social media approach

If you have seen striking decreases in your online agency’s Facebook interactions, it is time to adopt a general approach towards all other social networks to offset the trend. In other words, you can use, say, Pinterest and Twitter, and share on Facebook the content which only the followers on these platforms are attracted, to measure your interactions with followers.

Apart from that, you can allocate a budget for other platforms and activities, be present on Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest and attract traffic to your site by tapping into your partners and your onsite marketing activities. This way, you do not have to rely only on Facebook.

3. E-mail marketing

Although dynamic by nature, social media is a necessary tool which you must utilize through diversification and by avoiding dependence to only one platform.  Utilizing special content, contests, instant sales and discounts, you can have cross-selling incentives if you have a large number of followers on Facebook and a smaller number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, which all direct traffic to your online agency’s website. E-mail marketing still holds the strategic cards in terms of conversion rate. Therefore, you should encourage users to subscribe for e-mails.

4. Interaction with your employees and advertising

If your online agency is weak when it comes to natural interaction, you can first interact by sharing your messages with your employees. Therefore you can benefit from the halo effect. Then you can consider utilizing Facebook ads. This way, you can easily achieve your goals.

5. Smart automation tools

Smart automation tools currently have an impact on the market. However, these tools already-provide advantages in terms of sustaining the free-of-charge marketing efforts that did not have a strong impact on the Facebook platform previously. Automation tools now use significant data and best practices to communicate the right message to the right people in the right time with the changes in Facebook algorithm. Social integration features offered by HotelRunner can be really helpful for you in this.

Facebook changes our way of using media and now is in the favor of quality content. You need a reliable solution partner consisting of experienced experts like HotelRunner has to promote your agency both on the social media giant Facebook and all other digital channels in the best way and increase your sales. You can start receiving support for anything you need immediately by meeting HotelRunner.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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