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Tips to take the advantage of your previous contents in social media posts

It is important to utilize social media platforms to promote your online agency. You should make sure to always check the frequency and quality of your social media posts to access more users and increase sales. As users spend most of their online time on social media platforms, it becomes necessary for companies to post every day and send even more than one posts in a day.

It might be useful to benefit from your agency’s blog contents for your social media posts. This way, you can increase the traffic both on your blog and your website. Did you know that you can use your quality blog contents on social media multiple times?

A quality and an original blog article lives long. You can share certain content multiple times to access the users who have not seen it yet. Here are the tips to take the advantage of your previous content in social media posts.

Why should you repost your previous contents?

There are many reasons for you to make use of your previous contents. Here they are:

1. To receive more traffic

2. To determine the engagement rate by sharing posts at different times

3. To inform your new followers

You can benefit from your previous content that brought traffic to your online agency’s website. As long as the content subject remains interesting for your customers, your previous content keeps being important. Therefore, you can repost the contents you shared before on social media platforms. Therefore, you can bring traffic to your site or blog by accessing your followers who haven’t seen that post for some reasons.

Also, you can measure the engagement rate by posting the same content on different days and at different times. This analysis can help you determine the correct timing for your social media posts.

Sharing previous contents can also be useful to access new followers. Your new followers on social media platforms might not check your previous posts. You can inform them by reposting the contents you find useful.

How can you refurbish the previous content as you repost?

You might want to refurbish your previous content you share again. To achieve this, you can change the images you used before or use a different title. Embarking on the effect of different titles can work especially for platforms like Twitter, which limits characters. With this method, you can also highlight different aspects of the content.

Social media is one of the most effective digital marketing tools you can use to receive quality traffic to your online agency’s website. You can use social media networks more actively with the help of your former contents by tapping into the tips we have shared. Therefore, you can receive more traffic to your online agency and increase your sales. You can manage all your sales and marketing channels easily with HotelRunner. Create a free-of-charge account immediately and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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