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Tips to use Vine more effectively throughout hotel marketing efforts

Do you think a 6 second video is enough to convey your message? You might well think that 6 seconds is too short but scientific research and the success of Vine, whose main function is creating 6 second long videos, prove the opposite.

According to scientists, the concentration period of an average person was 12 seconds in 2000, whereas it has dropped to 8 seconds in 2012. Therefore, 6 seconds is the ideal duration to draw attention and convey your message.

Moreover, the success of Vine, which is now under the roof of Twitter, proves scientists right. Increasingly penetrating the lives of users, Vine is also gradually becoming an influential marketing tool for accommodation industry.

How can you use Vine? Here is the answer…

Download the app and create an account

Vine is a mobile application. The first thing you need to do is download and install the app on your iOS– or Android-based device. You can log into Vine with your current Twitter account. This will make it easier to share your Vine videos on Twitter. However, you still need to choose a separate user name and password for Vine. Then you can create your profile.

Have a look at the videos

Before getting started with Vine, you could have a look at the videos created by other users. Thus, we recommend you to see popular videos once you open the application. This way, you could develop an idea as to how you can ideally use the application after you have a look at the videos created by users and the brands relying on Vine as a marketing tool.

Creating your first Vine video

Creating videos on Vine is quite simple. Just click on the camera icon on the main page. This activates the camera of your mobile which will be ready to shoot. Touch the screen to start recording. The shotThe shot will begin as you press and hold the screen until you pull your finger away from it. Just touch the screen again to continue.

This method enables users to shoot in frames, which is called “stop motion” technique. However, if you wish to do so, you can shoot your 6 second long video without interruption.

Don’t forget the audio feature

Note that Vine records audio as well while shooting. You might need to take measures against nearby noises while you are shooting the view of your establishment during sunset.

You will see, maybe not at the first attempt, but in a short while, that Vine creates extraordinary videos, which you can use to expand the scope of your social media marketing efforts. If you wish to maximize the efficiency of your marketing activities on social media, you need an assistant: HotelRunner. The most comprehensive application designed for the accommodation industry, HotelRunner is there to help you while creating a website, managing your hotel and easily offering your guests the option of online bookings. Create you HotelRunner account for free  and discover how this unique assistant helps you increase your sales…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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