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Use of Instagram for hotels

Founded in 2010, Instagram has in a short span of time become the beloved website of mobile users. Boasting filters that give photographs an aesthetic touch, this free-of-charge social photo-sharing application has experienced a rapid increase of users, while marketers have quickly recognized its potential.


With more than 50 million users and high rate of interaction, Instagram has transformed into a significant tool preferred by brands for communication with their customers.

Enormity of marketing opportunities offered by Instagram has made it quite easy for Facebook to sacrifice 1 billion dollars in 2012 to acquire this application. An ideal application for marketing activities of the sectors in contact with end users, Instragram is also a helpful tool for accommodation industry.

Let’s have a look at how Instragram can help you in marketing your property…

First step: Eye-catching photos of your property

It is impossible to describe some things with words or letters. You simply need to see them. Instagram is among the most effective ways to share the most striking shots from your property with millions. If you plan to use Instagram in your marketing activities, you need to pick the best photos from the most spectacular and glorious parts of your property. Majority of Instagram users would not be satisfied with various shots from your hotel. What they want to see is literally captivating photographs.

Benefitting from human factor in the most natural way possible in Instagram would also help you distinguish yourself. Instead of photographing empty rooms or an abandoned pool, you might want to share on Instagram a photo of a room with happy guests or the photo of an exuberant moment from the poolside.

Do not miss out the surrounding attractions

Your hotel is most probably surrounded with attractions that are a must for guests. Many striking photos are most of the time those shots of historic and tourist destinations and attractions. Photograph iconic, surrounding attractions in the right light and from the right angle, and enrich those pictures with a short text: you might experience an unexpected increase in your marketing results.

Photos of tucked-away gems in the city or in the region of your property,  accompanied by their short history, could also maximize the attention of your followers.

Hashtag effect

Being discovered is one of the main goals of social media marketing. Functioning of hashtags, as we previously described in detail, is among the most effective tools that could help you access new people on Instagram. Follow the most popular hashtags in your industry on Instagram and try to post your shares with such hashtags. That’s how you could set yourself apart from your competitors and introduce your complex to a larger target group.

Organize contests

Everyone loves contests and prizes. You could easily organize a wide-scale contest thanks to Instragram that is easily used by everyone. You could invite, for example, participants to take and share the best picture of your hotel, and offer a striking prize to the winner in order attract more people to your contest. This way, you could even pave the way for an Instagram account the content of which is voluntarily and pleasurably generated by your guests.

Today, social media ranks among the most important tools in marketing your property. Your most reliable guide in social media would be HotelRunner with its wide range of options in the field of digital marketing. Do not waste more time and join HotelRunner family in order to increase your sales now…

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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