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Use the right Call-to-Action to become a more effective online agency

Online agencies have the chance to communicate with their customers through the content they publish on their website or the industry coverage they share on their blogs. In addition, such content makes it easier to direct potential guests to online booking. Call-to-Action (CTA) refers to texts comprised of a button or a link that directs readers to online booking.

Effective use of CTA is critical to convert Internet users into customers. By utilizing CTA, you can briefly and concisely inform readers about the opportunities they can gain by clicking on the link or button. This way, you can encourage users to visit your blog or website to book online.

So, what should you do to create Call-to-Actions that can direct readers easily to online booking? As HotelRunner, we have prepared some tips that may prove useful to you in these means.

1. Indicate the benefit

Before creating a CTA, you need to know what benefits and offers you will provide for your customers through CTA. If the reader feels that an opportunity is coming or a need will be satisfied when s/he clicks on the CTA, it means that the CTA is effective.

2. Use expressions that draw attention

CTA sentences have more assertive phrases than other sentences do due to the impact they aim to create. For example: When creating CTAs that will directly lead the reader to online booking, you can use phrases like “free city tour for the first 5 people that book today”, which focuses on time limitation.

3. Provide information about the campaign

If you want to announce a campaign, you can do so through CTAs. For example, you can inform your readers about a campaign with a sentence like “Visit our website now to benefit from our early booking campaign”, which will lead them to direct online booking.

4. Using more than one CTAs in the content

It would be useful if a reader encounters several CTAs in the content leading to booking a few times rather than a single one. This way, you can easily direct your readers without waiting for them to return to the CTA at the very beginning after reading the whole the article.

5. Format of CTAs

The CTA should be visible in the text, which is critical. As a result, you can catch the attention of readers if the CTA is in a different font type and in bigger fonts as well as if it has an eye-catching design when the case is a button CTA.

You should use all the content marketing tools properly to make your online agency more effective and earn more from online bookings. CTAs are among the most effective tools you can use to convert your readers into customers. You can share more active contents by tapping into the tips we have covered here. If you too, want to carry your agency to the Internet and make online sales, create your HotelRunner account now and start earning immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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