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Using Vine: What can you do with a 6-second video?

We had mentioned Vine, which belongs to Twitter, and helps you create practical video content earlier. It provides you with a great advantage as it is user-friendly and enables you to enrich your digital marketing content with videos in the most convenient way.

Moreover, using Vine properly can be beneficial for you to attract your potential customers and increase your sales, while creating videos easily. On the other hand, you might have difficulty in deciding which message to give within such a short time and which content can contribute to your marketing when it comes to a 6-second video.

Fortunately, HotelRunner is there for you. Here are practical hints about what can be done with a 6-second Vine video for marketing your property… 

A welcome message

A brief, 6-second welcome message, when prepared well, can draw a lot of attention on social media. However, it would be a good method to prepare individual videos for each different target group in order to benefit from this application more efficiently. For instance, prepare separate videos for different guests such as those whom you expect to travel for business purposes and families who have children. It would be a clever idea to prepare a special welcome video that mentions one specific event which some people would especially travel for.

A virtual tour through your property

Would it be possible for your guests to take a 6-second tour to see your entire property? Well, if you make use of Vine’s features such as pausing the record and resuming it anytime, why not? To do that, choose 4 or 5 sections of your property that you want to highlight and create 1-second videos that contain the best view of each of them. Recording them one after another can create a short but an effective hotel tour video.

Weather forecasts

On their way to your property, your guests may wonder what the weather is going to be like. Well, it is really easy to show a visual weather forecast at your property through a video with the help of Vine. Besides, such video series can contribute to the number of your followers on social media.

Sections from events and shows

You might not prefer making a video of and posting an entire event taking place at your property. However, you can avoid sharing the whole content of the event, and still attract viewers if you post it in small pieces consisting of 6-second records from the event.

What is going on in the kitchen?

Many guests are curious about the kitchen of a property they are staying at regarding how things are running there, but it might not be possible for them to check it out. If you prepare a 6-second video showing your chef at work, you can satisfy their curiosity, while being appreciated for transparency.

Messages from guests

You might ask your guests who are having a good time at your property, to leave a message for you to post on social media. Posting such videos will make it easier to attract your potential guests who wonder about your property.

In our era, digital marketing is of great importance for any property. There is no doubt that it will become even more important in the future.  So come and take a closer look at HotelRunner, create your website and sales channels and start to increase your profits through direct online reservation immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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