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What are the benefits of a corporate social media policy for your online agency?

The Internet is a medium where information is spread quite rapidly. When considered in terms of public relations and crisis management, it is important to provide rapid and efficient feedback and solutions on social networks. As your online agency provides services entirely through the Internet, you or your employees should take due diligence when posting something related to your business on social networks.

Virtual communities have a certain system just like those in real world do. Each day more companies start integrating their social media principles into their company policies in response to negative feedbacks on digital media which require may a long time to make up for. When community management is carried out according to certain rules and a strategy, it will help you protect your agency from inconveniences.

Here are some criteria you should consider when determining a social media policy for your online agency.

Corporate culture

Improving and enhancing your presence on social networks is among the primary goals of your social media policy. Therefore, it is important for you to secure voluntary involvement of your employees. This is because they are probably your biggest supporters in maintaining your company’s reputation, evaluating user comments and complaints when needed and responding to them properly. You can be meticulous from the very beginning by expressing your social media principles in your company policy explicitly and encouraging your employees to follow your official accounts.

Core principles

Once you outline your social media policy and receive your employees’ support, it is time to determine the principles: “Which platforms can be used in which ways when sharing posts?” Who has the authority to speak on behalf of your agency? Who can create content?” It is critical to express such questions in your policy. Apart from that, you can accelerate your efforts by including the methods and stages to follow when responding to potential customer feedbacks in your policy.

The principle of transparency

It is critical to include a transparency principle in social media policies and apply this effectively. Integrity and accountability are among the fundamentals companies are expected to have in social networks. You might expect your employees contacting customers to express their names and connection with your agency or you can choose to state that you disapprove this in your social media policy. Therefore, you can make things clear for your followers to understand if the person or your agency is responsible in a controversial issue.

Finally, it would be appropriate to inform all your employees about non-disclosure of information about the employees, suppliers or customers, and the possible sanctions if such information is disclosed. Similarly, both you and your employees should take due diligence when publishing content reserved by law as copyright and intellectual property.

A social media policy created in accordance with the above can help you protect your agency against potential crises. A transparent, fair and detailed social media policy can also enhance your agency’s brand value. You can benefit from the robust infrastructure of HotelRunner to manage your reputation by using social networks competently with integrated social media tools. Create your HotelRunner account now to create and manage your content on the Internet and accept bookings through online channels.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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