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What do readers think about online travel agency websites?

If you have a website for your online agency, you are definitely one step ahead of your rivals when it comes to communicating with your customers effectively. Internet users follow online travel agencies’ websites when their content gives readers information about traveling.

A study shows that travel articles providing authentic information are more interesting. Articles that even contain negative information about the travel destination and which avoid ads are considered more objective and sincere by the readers. 40 percent of those participating in the study stated that they definitely do research on the Internet before planning their travel. This figure reveals how effective your website can be in terms of gaining more customers for your agency.

As HotelRunner we have collected the most significant highlights of this study, carried out by and Yahoo, which provides insightful data about the use of websites and blogs.

Why are blogs followed?

When asked why they follow travel blogs, 58 percent of participants have replied that they would like to have an idea about the impressions of people who have traveled to that destination previously. 48 percent of participants state that they consider blog articles to be more objective and honest.

Also, 88 percent of participants following travel blogs state that these articles affect their travel plans.

Which kind of content attracts most readers?

For the question of which type of content participants benefit from the most, 3 replies out stand from others:

Articles giving information about discounts and low-cost travels,
Articles covering guest opinions about hotels,
Articles providing traveling tips and ‘what to do’ content.

Most disliked content on blogs

As a part of the study, those following travel sites are asked to choose the features they do not like to see on these sites. In the survey, offering multiple choices, 72 percent of users state that they do not like pop-up ads on websites. Low quality content with typos and grammatical mistakes is the second most disliked feature, with 60 percent. Most disliked content also includes articles that overly promote any property or tourism company.

Your website is the most effective content marketing channel of your online travel agency (OTA). You can enable more people to follow your website and blog, thus you can increase your income by taking into account reader trends featured in the study results we have shared with you. You can also easily manage all the sales and marketing channels of your OTA by signing up with HotelRunner. Create a free-of-charge account immediately and enjoy the privileges of HotelRunner now.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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