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What do users expect from online travel agencies?

As Internet usage has become more common, users plan their travels mostly through the virtual realm. This leads their habits to change in the decision-making process. Potential customers are more selective in terms of the information and services they receive from online travel agencies.

You better understand their expectations from you properly. Some of these expectations are included below along with some hints on how to meet them. Let’s see what you can do with this to achieve your sales targets.

Practical information

The biggest expectation is for you to include comprehensive and up-to-date information on your online travel agency’s website. For instance, travel-related blog posts, articles, reviews or a section for “frequently asked questions” can work well. You can also include visual elements like photos and videos to enrich your content.

Of course your posts on social media will also be useful in terms of communicating this content to larger groups of people.


Reliability is among the most significant qualities your customers look for. It might take some time to build a reliable brand in the virtual realm. You can increase user interactions on your social media accounts by communicating with your potential customers directly through the Internet to accelerate this process in your own favor. You can create a positive impression especially if you respond to their questions and comments in a short time.

Comparing the alternatives

It is not surprising that users want to compare a wide range of alternatives to choose the best. At this point, online travel agencies need to be involved. Already, providing the best options for customers is what you are highly experienced in. The better you carry these features to the online platform, the higher the customer satisfaction becomes.

The option to share experiences

We are in an era of sharing and users want to share the experiences and comments about their travels. To achieve this, you should use your social media accounts actively and provide users with a channel where they can share their comments freely. However, you should follow your customers’ posts closely, so that you can eliminate possible inconveniences as well as create a customer profile for yourself.

It is critical to understand the expectations of potential customers and tailor services according to them. You should be able to provide your services for your customers with the best infrastructure to secure your position in the tourism industry. HotelRunner is equipped with the advanced features that can meet all your needs related to digital hotel management and marketing. Create your account now to see the difference of HotelRunner and what we can offer.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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