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What does TripAdvisor’s new feature, TripAdvisor Connect, mean for your hotel?

One of the most popular travel pages on the Internet, TripAdvisor, has recently announced a new feature. TripAdvisor Connect aims to enhance the visibility and sales of small hotels, in particular. Thanks to TripAdvisor Connect, small hotels can advertise themselves based on a cost per click solution and then extend their outreach to potential guests in an easier way. Cost Per Click (CPC) solution is among the most common advertising methods on the Internet. And we assume that you know this system quite well because most of you benefit from it on Google AdWords.

With the official launch of TripAdvisor Connect, small enterprises will be able to enjoy the benefits only hotel chains and OTAs were offered in the past.

Planned to be officially launched in the last quarter of 2013, most probably in September, TripAdvisor will be available and offer all of its estimated features, helping small hotels post CPC-based ads and enhance their visibility on price query pages.

The system will be launched in the last quarter of 2013, most probably in September, and offer all its estimated features to users. Small hotels will be able to give quotations based on CPC, increase their visibility on price query pages, being put in complete control of their visibility on TripAdvisor.

One other outstanding feature of TripAdvisor Connect is involvement of enterprises in the feedback collection system of TripAdvisor and the chance to receive more feedback. You need to subscribe for TripAdvisor’s Business Listings to use this system.

TripAdvisor Connect is a new feature for you to receive more online bookings on TripAdvisor. The price of enjoying all the benefits offered to OTAs and hotel chains in the past is focusing on CPC-based ads. Unless you run a chain of hotels, and if you would like to access more people via TripAdvisor, you can now, with TripAdvisor Connect, diversify your paid advertising options.

In any case, it is a beneficial feature. While you’re getting started with TripAdvisor Connect, we recommend you, though, to have a look at our article on how to decrease your dependency on OTAs.

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