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What is Vine and how is it used?

A new entry into the world of mobile apps, Vine has quickly become very popular thanks to its ultimately practical features. Having acquired and entirely integrated Vine into its system, Twitter has without a doubt contributed to the rapid increase of Vine users.

We have recently shared a post with you that explains how to use Vine. Have a look at  our previous post  if you have not been introduced to Vine yet. And those, who already have knowledge of Vine, could now have a look at how one can use this attractive app throughout hotel marketing activities.

Here are some tips for you to attract your potential guests by making the most of 6-second long Vine videos…

Why choose Vine?

Let us first clarify why you should use Vine in your marketing activities: Faced with a wide range of Vine advantages, one should first admit that videos, especially, are the essential tool for digital marketing. Studies suggest that  videos rank among the top among digital formats that generate the highest interaction and sharing rates.

However, creating videos for professional purposes is not an easy task. It requires expensive equipment, a professional team, prolonged working hours for montage and a considerable budget. Vine, on the other hand, helps people tap into their creativity and mobile phones, and paves the way for most frequently mentioned and shared videos. Ultimate user-friendliness would also assist you through preparing and sharing short videos in seconds.

One subject in each video

Dealing with a diversity of subjects on videos up to six seconds would not be possible. Therefore, keep your videos simple and plain as much as possible. Each video must be conveying one specific message. Squeezing more in between 6 seconds would defeat Vine videos’ purpose.

Power of hashtags

We introduced our readers with hashtags, a feature to explore similar posts on social media. Vine supports hashtags, which will ensure that your videos are noticed by a larger audience . So, do not underestimate the power of hashtags, and add hashtags, such as #otel or #hotel, that would fit the content of your videos.

Learn how other hotels use Vine

Having recognized the potential of Vine, many hotels have already started making use of it as part of their digital marketing activities. Develop an idea for your hotel by looking at what other hotels are doing on Vine. Among some hotels actively using Vine are Hotel Andaluz, Fearrington Village, Hyatt 48 Lex NYC, The Cavendish Hotel and Roger Smith Hotel, which you can search on Vine or find on Twitter to see how they use Vine. #hotel hashtag would also help you find out similar posts on Vine.

Encourage your guests to use Vine during their stay

While you make use of Vine for your establishment, your guests can also create and share video clips of your hotel on Vine. This way, they could even introduce you to their followers. That’s why you should encourage your guests to use Vine during their stay and consider, for example, distributing weekly gifts to those who share the best Vine video of your hotel.

Vine enables you expand the scope of your social media marketing in the most practical way: with the support of videos. When used cleverly, it could also contribute to the recognition of your brand while redirecting a considerable number of visitors to your website. And HotelRunner, featuring mobile compatibility and online booking function, is your reliable partner while turning those visitors into guests. Take a few minutes and create a HotelRunner account for free to increase your sales immediately.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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