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What kind of boards should you create for your property on Pinterest?

The rapid growth of Pinterest, a next-generation social network, keeps stirring the attention of many industries, including the accommodation industry, where imagery matters. We have previously shared with you some basic information on the use of Pinterest for your property. We have also mentioned how to measure the outcome of your activities on Pinterest.

However, we need to emphasize one more aspect: Hotel marketing on Pinterest through the boards you create. These boards are like folders that let you collectively display photos with a common theme and concept on Pinterest.

The following boards you should create for your property will help you prepare a better marketing strategy, while giving you ideas on what to post on Pinterest about your property.


Naturally, the first thing you should do is to create a board that shows your rooms. The rooms’ interior design and professional photographs showing what guests will find there will be quite effective for marketing purposes. Remember to consider the view from the rooms as well.


You should definitely post various photos of the most outstanding facility of your hotel on Pinterest. A giant swimming pool, a wide golf course or a restaurant on your breath-taking terrace will be impressive for your guests. However, although they might look less important compared to other features, a historical water well or a play area for kids will also be beneficial.


When it comes to meals, Pinterest is the best media for you to share them. There is already a great deal of interest in meal photos on Pinterest. And be sure that delicious meals served by your chef will draw a lot of attention. You can also a make a distinction with “behind-the-scenes” videos of your kitchen staff when they are on the job.


You can upload videos from your colorful new year’s event or “welcoming summer party”, or post images taken at shows or important meetings and conferences hosted by your property as they are visually impressive and informative for your guests.

Location and surroundings

Many hotel guests prioritize the attractions surrounding a hotel over which property they stay at. You might have the chance to attract potential guests who plan to visit sights around your property and offer them promotions, if you display related photos.

Pinterest is an integral part of social media marketing, which also has an impact on the accommodation industry. HotelRunner has peerless features such as social coupons for all kinds of properties and assists you throughout promotional and sales activities on social media. Create your account for free now and have the chance to see what we can do for you.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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