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What should you do to not miss last-minute bookings?

The role of the Internet and especially the role of smart mobile devices in hotel bookings have been growing at fast pace in recent years. Research shows that every year about 148.3 million online bookings are made. The number of online bookings made through mobile devices has reached up to 15.8 million in USA alone and is expected to reach up to 20 million next year.

What’s more, ‘last minute’ bookings constitute a large part of these bookings. More than 60 per cent of mobile device-based bookings are ‘last minute’ bookings, according to the Orbitz and Travelocity figures.

These facts lead us to the question: What should be done to not miss these last minute bookings, which are rapidly shifting to mobile platforms? How can you turn users into mobile customers when they are looking for hotels through their mobile devices?

We share with you a list of our suggestions critical for this process.

Enhance user experience in all platforms

Desktop monitors are large, while the screens of mobile devices are small. If you invest only in one of them and disregard the other, you might harm, above other things, your corporate identity. It is critical to offer excellent user experience through both channels. That’s why HotelRunner is your biggest supporter for online bookings, thanks to its state-of-the-art mobile-compatible website.

Instant access to basic features

Users should have an instant access to basic data about room packages you offer, including general information, photos, room package options, prices and location details. For instance, a user booking through his/her tablet is definitely an active Internet user, thus he/she immediately would like to learn if the hotel provides Wi-Fi access. If finding out that information takes 3-4 steps, the user will not be likely to prefer your hotel.

Be careful with large-size images

Although 3G download speed has increased, it still takes a lot of time to download high definition images on mobile devices. Considering that the mobile user is impatient, make sure that the number of attractive images of your property that you put on the homepage is limited. For more images, you can redirect the user to your photo gallery with an easily visible link.

Instant contact option

Your potential guests can access your property through mobile devices or other devices with Internet access, but they might want to confirm the room package details by phone before they book. Therefore, you should provide them with the option to make an instant call through their mobile device, which should be placed next to the “instant booking” button.

We hope that you will benefit from these hints not to miss ever-increasing number of last-minute mobile bookings. Of course, HotelRunner will facilitate these processes for you, providing the option of receiving reservation and direct online sales through mobile devices. Create your HotelRunner account now free of charge now and start to achieve mobile sales as well as sales through other devices with Internet access.

Rıza Kaynak

Director of Demand

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