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What to do and what to avoid when it comes to proper social media marketing

Social media is a perfect channel for you to make your website popular and receive more reservations accordingly. Yet that is only possible if you manage it properly.

Unfortunately, there are rare examples where such process is applied in a real sense. Many facilities are unable to enjoy efficiency from social media that is still emerging, as they use it in traditional ways like they use other types of media.

A majority of others have difficulty in catching up with the changes in social media which has a more flexible structure, thus they fail as a result of insisting on outdated methods.

As HotelRunner, we have collected information that will help you perform a proper social media marketing activity for your property.

Dialogue, instead of monologue

Communication is bilateral during which you talk a while and your counterpart does so. Being the one listening more is always better. Social media provides you the opportunity of being on the right side when it comes to communicating with customers, something that happens for the first time in marketing history. You should make the most of this opportunity.

Contrary to traditional marketing channels, social media is not a platform that is under only your thumb. Now, customers also have platforms where they can express themselves through social network websites. Hear the statements of your guests in your social media marketing activity. Ask them questions or take polls even, which will encourage them to express their ideas. Show them that you care about such ideas with your responses.

All social network websites are different, shape your marketing accordingly

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all social network websites, but all have different structures. That’s why users create and use individual accounts on each of them. You also should distinguish these websites from each other and take your actions accordingly.

For instance, Facebook features comments of different users on a subject you put forward, while Twitter provides a direct communication between you and your guests. Contrary to what’s on Facebook, such communication does not include others. This example is critical for your marketing achievement, no matter how small the difference is.

Furthermore, all facilities have different target groups and the way they use various social networks also differ from each other. Therefore, you should keep making calculations, reveal other differences and shape your marketing strategy accordingly.

Have a subtle distance with your guests

Thanks to social networks, people are able to communicate with their friends they know personally, which is one of the most important features of social networks and which help people communicate with others or organizations they do not know in the same way. For instance, those who adopt a formal style when talking to people they do not personally know can express themselves on social media more intimately no matter whom they are talking to.

Your case is different, though. Those intimate expressions might create a negative impression that might seem like you do not respect your guests. On the other hand, expressions that are too formal might cause you to be considered as high-flown. You should avoid being informal. Adopt a subtle tone that is between formality and intimacy on social media, which is used by people for fun and entertainment, and maintain it under any circumstances.

Building a social media strategy is important for your property, yet you have to maintain it, which matters even more. HotelRunner can help you in this with its numerous features. Create your account for free now within a short time to witness the benefits HotelRunner offers.

Cihan Coşkuntuncel

Director of Sales and Business Development

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